And the 2015 Avanti Awards winners are…

Avanti Awards 2015

Every month, Avanti has a company-wide meeting where we talk through accomplishments of the previous month and department level priorities for the next month.  February’s meeting is a bit different and, definitely, my favourite Company meeting of the year. This is the time that we recognize “the best of the best”, as we announce the winners of the Avanti Employee Recognition Awards Program.

Award recipients from the past have said that these awards are made even more special by the fact that winners are selected by their peers at Avanti.

I am pleased to announce that the 2015 winners are the following:

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From left to right: Patrick Bolan, Francis Pelland, Matt Shulz

2015 Avanti Innovation Award: Francis Pelland

The Innovation Award  is awarded to the individual with the  best ideas which have saved and/or made Avanti money or made us more efficient.

My favourite comment from his colleagues:  “Francis is working on the Avanti’s next big products. He solves the business problems in creative ways.”

2015 “Road Warrior” Award: Marc Rhodes

The “Road Warrior” Award  is for persevering through the weekly grind of airports, hotels, motels, rental cars, bad restaurant food and doing whatever it takes to get the job done!

Why did they vote for Marc?:  “Marc is the one person you can count on to reply to your request for help. Marc is the man”

2015 Customer Ambassador Award: Eli Wallach

The Customer Ambassador Award is for demonstrating exemplary work ethic, impeccable personal skills, strong customer advocacy and a sense of style as a representative of our company.

Why did they consider Eli worthy of this award?:  “Eli is dedicated to our customers and works tirelessly on their behalf”

2015 Avanti Spirit Award:  The Spirit  Award  is for “demonstrating outstanding team spirit and a positive attitude through tough days and tough decisions.”

This year we had a tie for this award with three people receiving the same number of votes:

Michelle Gelula:  “Michelle is a joy to work with.” “Michelle just lights up the room with her smile and positive attitude.”

Paul Tarascio : “Paul has been a huge shot in the arm for the Services team. Customers love him and his implementations are extremely successful.”Paul dives in without fear and helps out with a smile!”

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From left to right: Eli Wallach, Francis Pelland, Stephen McWilliam, Matt Schulz

Eli Wallach: “Eli is an enthusiastic team member, always ready to contribute in a positive and constructive way. He provides support to anyone who needs it on his and other teams.”When new employees are hired he always makes them feel comfortable.”

2015 Avanti Outstanding New Employee Award: Paul Tarascio

The Outstanding New Employee award is for the employee who has been with Avanti for less than 15 months, who has had a rapid and unique impact  on the success of Avanti during 2015.

Let me share just a few things that his colleagues had to say when they placed their vote for him:  “Rapidly learning and joining the rest of the road warriors, Paul has demonstrated character and very knowledgeable skills that customer talk about. He represents our company as a business partner with all his clients and not just another service provider.”

2015 Salesperson of the Year Award: John Alden

The Sales Achievement Award is given to the Regional Manager that achieved the highest sales in Avanti for 2015. This year, John drove the highest revenue level ever achieved by a Regional Maanger in Avanti’s 31 years of being in business. John was promoted to VP of Sales in 2015.

2015 MVP Award: Matt Schulz

This award is for dedication and a special contribution, voted as Avanti’s “Most Valuable Player”.

Some fantastic comments from across the entire organization:. He takes on big challenges and stays focused on getting results for all parties involved.” “Matt continues to work his magic in bringing valuable improvements in our processes and tech ops changes.

2015 President’s Award: Stephen Buss

The President’s award winner is selected by Patrick Bolan, Avanti’s President and CEO and is awarded for “Constantly delivering an outstanding contribution to Avanti, beyond that normally expected for their position”.

At the company meeting, Patrick shared his thoughts on Stephen’s positive impact: “Over the last year, Stephen has done an exemplary job handling Avanti Slingshot Implementations, growing and leading his team to ensure that the Avanti Slingshot implementation process continually improves.

Patrick and I wish we could give an award to everyone – the list of great contributions through the year is a very long one. An amazing testament to strong team that we have at Avanti is the fact that there were many awards with more than 10 different people receiving votes from their peers!!

Now you know why this is my favourite Company meeting of the year!. The folks highlighted above really stand out and have made a huge contribution to Avanti’s success, setting the stage for a GREAT 2016.

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