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Advanced Purchasing

Accounting that is organized and professional can make a big difference in how you are viewed by your suppliers. With Advanced Purchasing, you can keep your finance team on track. You possess the ability to manage your purchases effectively and, in turn, manage your costs and inventory.

Tracking requisitions, Purchase Orders (POs), and receipts are just some of the many tasks this module can help you with. When you are in the middle of a job, it can generate a PO ‘on-the-fly’. This system has the ability to combine requisitions for the same supplier into one PO in order to save you money through volume discounts.

Some additional benefits include:

  • Producing Regular or Blanket Orders for raw materials, for either a specific job or for inventory
  • Allowing for “non-purchase order” receipts or receipts based on Purchase Orders
  • Matching payables against the receipt quantity and the purchase order cost
  • Managing outside services

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Billing & Accounts Receivable

Tracking and collecting accounts receivables (A/R) is crucial to your bottom line but is not always a job that is relished. Avanti Slingshot’s Accounts Receivable module allows you apply payments against outstanding customer balances, as well as manage collections of all accounts receivables, outstanding invoices, and partial payments. It also gives you the ability to record the form of collection, apply miscellaneous payments to accounts, and write off outstanding balances.

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Breaking down the cost of a job to every last detail is a great way to discover where you are saving and/or losing money. With Avanti Slingshot’s Chargeback module, you have access to detailed job costing information, both electronically and as a hard copy, to simplify reporting and when exporting to your accounting system.

Additional highlights include:

  • Reports can be tailored to your needs
  • The system integrates with several third-party accounting/ERP systems to post your chargebacks, including SAP®, PeopleSoft®, Lawson®, Microsoft® Dynamics™, GP® and Oracle®
  • An easy-to-use Chargeback Posting wizard that ensures accurate, timely month-end posting

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In today’s competitive world, knowledge is power. With Avanti Slingshot’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module, everything you know about your customer is at everyone’s fingertips, including you, your CSRs, your sales team…everyone. This customer-centric view can help your sales and marketing efforts by:

  • Ensuring the sales team is always in sync with the most current information about their customers’ jobs
  • Identifying your most profitable customers for targeted sales and marketing campaigns
  • Managing and tracking your lead generation efforts
  • Driving your sales effectiveness through accurate sales forecasting

Visibility into real-time information can help you enhance the customer experience across the board. This leads to better sales and marketing effectiveness, better customer service and, ultimately, better profitability. Knowledge is indeed power.

To learn more about Avanti’s CRM please see our detailed overview.

Are you ready to make the leap into a CRM? Learn Why CRM is the Lifeblood of a Print Shop.

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Direct Mail Management

These days, we can never have enough time; that is why ‘one-stop-shops’ tend to do so well. Many print shops are looking to become their customer’s ‘one-stop’ and adding Direct Mail services to their portfolio is one way to do this. But because it differs from traditional print estimating, you may be concerned about the additional costs of entering new lines of business, such as Direct Mail Management.

Avanti Slingshot’s Direct Mail Management module makes planning and managing the many facets of the Direct Mail process that much easier. Estimating all aspects of a Direct Mail project, a shipping plan, and even billing capabilities make this module invaluable to managing Direct Mail.

Some of the key features include:

  • Track the actual postage used for each job with Postage Accounting – deposit management and reconciliation of each client’s postage activity, capturing and reporting actual usage, including mail.dat file imports
  • Postage Inventory Management for all types of postage
  • Full online access for customers including: postage summaries, replenishing of customer’s postage account, credit card processing, file and job submissions
  • The ability to plan, manage and track multiple drops including items to be part of the drop, quantities within each drop, drop locations and the mandatory drop completion dates
  • Managing refunds, overages, and available funds for timely accurate Invoicing
  • Management Reporting including open/closed drop shipments, client-level postage deposits vs. usage summaries, and postage inventory

The Direct Mail Management Module can provide your print shop with a complete end-to-end Business Management solution. Managing all lines of your business from creative and marketing services, print production, finishing and fulfillment is now simpler.

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Document Management

Not being able to find what you are looking for right away can be a frustrating experience, and can also waste a lot of time. With Document Management, Avanti Slingshot users have access to a ‘library’ of documents (e.g., contracts, SLAs, soft proofs, distribution lists) that affect the production process. They are stored centrally and can be catalogued, searched and accessed by any authorized user of the system.

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Executive Dashboards

Avanti Slingshot’s Executive Dashboards provide you with analysis tools and real-time notification functionality to help you understand and manage your business better.

Get answers to the key questions asked across departments such as:

  • Are we hitting our margins?
  • Are we reaching our sales targets?
  • Are we using our inventory?

The best way to ‘listen’ to your business is through using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). With powerful filtering and online analytic abilities, the Executive Dashboard’s graphical view of KPIs can provide you with insight into what’s impacting your customer service, financials, sales, marketing and more.

Some additional features include:

  • Availability of standard dashboards for different roles within the company, from the President/Owner to a Customer Service Representative (CSR)
  • Ability to start at a high level of critical indicators and drill down with the click of the mouse – right to the document level if necessary
  • Customizable Graphical User Interface (GUI) so you can track what is important to you
  • “Push” technologies that send you real-time information
  • Compilation of information, from multiple areas of the company, for the whole picture

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Moving into fulfillment has many promised benefits in terms of the bottom line, but it also presents new challenges. The finance team worries about the high cost of unused inventory and potentially missing sales targets. For the operations team, the process from estimation to delivery of finished goods can be difficult to track. Avanti Slingshot’s Fulfillment module gives you the ability to manage the process of customer order and shipments right from inventory. It also adds new functionality to your plant by expanding on several other Avanti Slingshot modules, enabling you to better manage the distribution and control of finished goods.

Highlights of Fulfillment include:

  • Tracking both cost and quantity for all finished goods either as an individual item or a kit
  • Extension of the Sales Order module to include the order of finished goods
  • Automatic generation of back orders and assignment of “on receipt” back order items to a specific job to better manage your inventory stock
  • Shipping of single orders to multiple locations
  • Automatic notifications when finished goods and/or inventory levels have fallen below the minimum quantity – multiple trigger points can be set up

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Point of Sale

Patience is learned but in today’s fast-paced world people expect to be served quickly and on-demand. With Avanti Slingshot’s Point of Sale module, you can cater to your customer’s need for speed while increasing accuracy, managing multiple registers, and having real-time visibility into all transactions. As the industry’s first cloud-based Print MIS Point-of Sale system you can easily manage ‘over-the-counter’ jobs for everything from retail to satellite locations.

Additional benefits include:

  • User-definable payment methods, end-of-day balancing reconciliation, and payment options
  • Fast order entry, invoice generation and specific Point-Of-Sale reporting
  • Ability to enter and invoice customer orders with seamless reconciliation, reporting and payment processing

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Being on time is one of the most important promises your business delivers. Improve your ability to deliver on time, every time with Avanti Slingshot’s Print Scheduling modules. Paired with other modules, setting up and tracking planned completion dates and times becomes simpler. It is a quick and simple way to load your departments and/or machines.

Organizing your jobs efficiently, maximizing equipment use, and planning your production workflow in advance are also benefits to the Scheduling module. The system has the ability to automatically generate the estimated time needed for each job making scheduling just one step easier. Some more features include:

  • Full integration with shop floor data collection means tasks are automatically date and time stamped when completed and moved on to the next department
  • Extensive loading and scheduling reporting, by job, or by due date and time
  • Automatic scheduling of all operations based on priorities and dependencies of previous tasks
  • Management of “what if” scenarios to optimize the schedule before locking and “publishing” the schedule for everyone to see
  • Manually override schedules and change job priorities in order to meet deadlines

Delivering on time, every time just got easier.

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Shop Floor Data Collection

As a Print Management Professional, you know how critical it is for your shop floor team to have the most current, accurate information available. Avanti Slingshot’s Shop Floor Data Collection module gives your team that access. Now your employees can easily, and confidently, answer questions such as, “Where’s my job?”.

Not only does the Shop Floor Data Module help your team, but it can also help you by tracking labor, materials, productivity, equipment utilization, spoils, and production rates. With this information at your fingertips, you can take steps to reduce waste and increase profits. Accurate costing will roll up into key metrics such as profitability at the customer, sales rep and product line level – know your cost down to the penny!

Highlights include:

  • Easy, real-time data input using a variety of entry devices such as barcode scanner, mouse and keyboard, touchscreen, or a mobile device (tablet or smartphone)
  • Quick access to all job information, including production details, scheduling, digital assets, and an electronic view of the job ticket by the shop floor team
  • Powerful, built-in, messaging system that allows for easy communication between shop floor staff and your front office staff
  • Visual cues of the production workflow to help the operators understand the “big picture”

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Triggers and Alerts

Relaxing after hours is not easy when you are in the print business because anything can go wrong in a moment’s notice. Avanti Slingshot’s Triggers and Alerts module makes it a little bit easier to kick back, knowing that you will be automatically…and immediately…notified of important events, from confirming an order shipment to a job being late. Imagine having the ability to set up automated emails (i.e. a quote or invoice) and eliminate manual tasks. Now you can relax, knowing that Avanti Slingshot saves you time, money, and possible errors.

Some more benefits include:

  • Choosing from pre-defined emails and then tailoring them to your specific needs using system variables
  • A one-stop source for information on all current and historical tasks enabling you to make quicker, better informed decisions through timely information
  • Avoiding information overload by customizing your alerts and only receiving ones that are important to you
  • Increased productivity by eliminating manual collection and distribution of information
  • Saving time and money with access to business-critical information at your fingertips

Being aware of potential customer surprises, and resolving them before the customer is even aware that there was an issue, has never been easier. And the best part is: no technical expertise is required for administration.