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Selecting a Print MIS

Selecting a Print MIS doesn’t have to be painful, especially if you know some of the key objectives and top challenges that can arise. Our popular webinar, “Selecting a Print MIS”, provides you with valuable tips, insights, and costly pitfalls to avoid as you go about the selection process. We also cover some of the key ingredients to a successful implementation project. Watch the webinar now.


Avanti Slingshot – A User’s Perspective

What would YOU do with a few extra hours a day? Avanti Slingshot increases efficiency in every department and saves you money too! Whatever your role, whether you are an estimator, in customer service, sales, IT, CEO, CFO, production manager, we have answers to eliminate breakpoints in your workflow, reduce manual entry (and re-entry), and make your life easier! This pre-recorded webinar will show you some of the key time-savers as a job flows through the print shop from start to finish. Watch the webinar now.


The Journey to Selecting a Print MIS: Bound to Succeed with Ricoh & Avanti

Join Illinois-based book bindery and print shop Bound to Stay Bound as they take us on their journey of selecting a Print MIS. This webinar will cover valuable tips, insights, and lessons learned during the selection process, as well as some of the key ingredients to a successful implementation project. Watch the webinar now.


Managing for Success: The role of Print MIS in today’s InPlant

Join panelists Ron Underwood, Supply Chain Team Lead for Our Daily Bread Ministries; Cathy Skoglund, Director of Operations & Business Development ASU Print and Imaging Lab; Brian Trott, US Senate Printing, Graphics and Direct Mail branch; Karen Meyers, Business Manager at Michigan Farm Bureau; and our own Stephen McWilliam, EVP Avanti, for this thought-provoking panel. Watch the webinar now.