6 Graph Expo Printerverse Panel Videos to Better Your Print Knowledge

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postimage_panelIf you were lucky enough to attend GRAPH EXPO this past September, you may have seen Avanti on some of the educational panels in the Printerverse, a Print Media Centr booth that is dedicated to educating the print industry. Each panel had a line up of representatives from alliance members, such as Avanti, to discuss the most topical points of the print industry. These panel discussions were also streamed live online, via livestream, to members of the print community (and beyond).

Avanti team members participated in six of these panels throughout the course of Graph Expo. Here’s a recap:

Living Large: Penthouse Possibilities with Wide Format

In this panel, Avanti’s Stephen Feldman and others discuss the many opportunities in the wide format print marketplace. The demand increase in wide format printing has generated income for many print shops and, as Stephen points out, many of these print shops have a variety of print technologies that need to communicate in a seamless workflow. This is where Avanti comes in.

Watch what Stephen and others have to say here.

Obi Wan-a Job: The Workforce Awakens

Avanti’s Director of Marketing Joanne Gore focuses on the current and future workforce in the print industry. The aim for this panel is to help graphic communications programs understand the potential of entering the industry.

During the discussion Joanne talks about her experience mentoring students that are given grants by the government to start their own summer companies. The panel agrees that the young people entering the industry have just as much to teach us as we do them.

Click here to watch this discussion.

Are Your Bits Fit? Workflow Integration Without Perspiration

Perhaps the most relevant panel discussion for Avanti. Stephen McWilliam discusses with other panel members the best practices for assessing workflow within a print shop and how print shops can better integrate their technologies and eliminate breakpoints.

Stephen says, “All jobs have attributes…the key is to make sure that if you’ve captured information once, then it doesn’t have to be entered again.”

See more here.

Print Ninja Warrior: Adapting To The New Game
How can print shops survive and thrive today? The key is to set your customer up for success. In this panel Stephen McWilliam explains how knowing where you’re making (and losing) money, while bringing more jobs into the shop and limiting the touch-points on each job, will put you ahead of the game.

Watch this video here.

Social Climbing: Reaching The Top One Share At A Time

“#AskAvanti, #Printerverse, #GraphExpo, #PrintMediaCentreRocks, #IveRunOutOfHashtags,” was Joanne Gore’s answer to the question why did you join this panel?

Pat McGrew from InfoTrends points out during this session that social media is the fastest way to learn, to connect, and to grow in your profession. This panel’s members reveal social success stories revealing the absolute importance of social media in sales, communication, and education.

Watch more here.

The drupa Effect: What’s Next Is Now

Drupa, drupa, and all things drupa. Here is a panel of individuals whose companies attended drupa this past May.

What did they see while at drupa? What are some trends? And what does the print community need to know? Stephen McWilliam shares what the significance of drupa was for Avanti and other software companies.

Watch more here.

If you’re interested in further discussing any of these panel topics, feel free to contact us today.

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