How will Avanti Slingshot® Print MIS help you Succeed?

Avanti Slingshot® helps Print Shops work more efficiently, control costs and move more jobs through the shop with ease, while providing the information you need.

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“Grow Business without adding Resources”

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We are the biggest proponent of Avanti Slingshot. Their support and responsiveness is exactly what you need when you make an investment in a software system like this. They’re with us all the way. As far as the support team and the training goes – above our expectations. Other companies ghost you once the ‘sales cycle’ is over. Since we signed on with Avanti the training, support and software development team listens to us and continues to improve on the system to better serve our needs. We realized our ROI within six months due to informed business decisions based upon detailed project profitability, fast, accurate and consistent estimates, and reduced miscommunication errors – Jill Townsend, Partner

“Perfect MIS tool for our Company”

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Open system with tight integration to several third-party solutions, like our existing web-to-print software. Their XML loader quickly generates detailed packing lists for each order. Accurate and thorough material cost tracking and detailed accounting processes. Managing hundreds of orders for individual customers used to require 5 people. Now it can be done with one, which frees us up to keep growing our business without adding excessive staff – Kurt Ellinger, Partner

Taylor Printing GroupSPLIT

“Powerful MIS for digital and large-format POS businesses”

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Slingshot, and the Avanti professional services, redefined many of the ways we run our business so that we’re more profitable and positioned for growth. Avanti helped us refine our processes, helped us reduce waste, reduce operator downtime, and accurately price our products. We’re now more efficient in just about every aspect of our shop and we expect the integration with XMPie will help expand our business – Scott Williams, CEO

“Makes Fulfillment Profitable”

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The Avanti team was remarkable. The professional approach helped my people feel comfortable with the entire implementation and go-live. Reducing time to administrate allows us to focus more time serving our customer base helping make fulfillment more profitable. Slingshot’s automation and structured workflows eliminated the breakpoints we had with our previous MIS system. It reduced the fulfillment workload from 10-15 hours/week down to less than 2 hours per week! Automation and structured workflows that route tickets directly to the warehouse. It means that floor employees can quickly pick and pack without having to think or stress about it. A contract module that automatically creates invoices for contracted charges (i.e. # of picks, # of orders, warehouse storage). The system significantly reduced our end-of-month invoicing activities – Kevin Lanuke, President

“Avanti Classic is a friendly and robust system”

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Avanti Classic is a very user-friendly and robust system. I like the way Avanti continues to take input and upgrade their product. I just went to their User Group Conference where Avanti users and developers all came away with a lot of great ideas to better use and improve the system. The whole team at Avanti is excellent to work with and they really make working with them a valued partnership – Karen Mayers, Business Manager

Customer Success Story: Why did AIIM chose Avanti Slingshot Print MIS?


“With Avanti’s modular approach, we were able to target the modules that best fit our business. We knew that there was an opportunity to add on as we expanded our services as well.”