Printers Talk About Avanti

Sull Graphics Integrates Technology For Business Growth

“Our number one priority is the same as it’s been since day one, and that’s quality. We’ll continue shipping our very best work to our customers and, with Avanti Slingshot, we can do it more quickly, accurately and profitably.”

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Printing and Marketing Group, Inc. Sees the Big Picture with Avanti Slingshot

“Everyone’s finally starting to see the big picture. Once you start working in estimating, you realize your true costs. We can look at history, particularly in outsourcing, and it’s all in one place. We no longer need to run around and find information.”

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Our Daily Bread calls Avanti Slingshot a “Game Changer”

Other systems were either far behind Avanti or over-engineered. We could have spent far more on other MIS solutions, yet not received the benefits and personal attention we get from Avanti.

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Avanti and C.J. Graphics – Partners in Success:

No matter what anyone tells you, it takes a significant amount of time to implement any new system or procedures into your company. Avanti worked with us and stuck by us through our initial challenges, and helped to tailor their system to our specific needs,” explains Mandarino. “Other companies wouldn’t even entertain the idea of changing something to meet our unique requirements.


"As featured in" publication logos.
"As featured in" publication logos.
"As featured in" publication logos.