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The cloud vs.hosted: Which Print MIS system is better for you?

You know everything is moving to the Cloud. You probably store your pictures, your music, and your books in the Cloud. Most of your office software is Cloud –or SaaS –based. It’s convenient and efficient in so many ways to operate this way.

So, when it comes to your Print MIS system there’s really no need to hesitate. A cloud-based solution is cheaper, faster and more versatile than operating a hosted system. Let’s have a look at the advantages of going this route.

Secure data If an accident happens that destroysyour data, it would be a disaster for your operation. That’s not likely to happen if your Print MIS is in the Cloud. That’s because data is backedup once on servers and then it’s backed up again on offsite servers. The risk of loss is minimal. Replicating that kind of security is expensive and time-consuming to put in place on your own.

Easy scalability A cloud-based Print MIS offers operational flexibility and you can scale up your service whenever you want, or as your business grows. Noneed to wait for IT to build infrastructuresand no more finding storage space for servers. Enjoy solutions on demand and only pay for the modulesyou choose

Automatic upgrades You know it can be time-consuming toplan anupgradeto any system. When you go the SaaS route,upgrades happen automatically, they don’t slow downyour production, and they don’ttake up staff time. You can concentrate on more valuable things,like tending to customers and increasing sales. Also, you’ll never be stuck with an out-of-date version ofa system.

Easy connectivity A Cloud-based system puts you as close to your business as you want to be. You can stay in contact and monitor what’s happening in your shop from anywhere, anytime on any device. Get real time access to information about jobtracking, profitability,invoicing or any other critical details.Enjoy accessibility and security in one easy step.

Cost control: A cloud solution could be the most-efficient course. Your software provider’s hosting charge covers your server, operatingsystem, database, back-ups, patch management as well as license fees to third parties like Microsoft. You don’t have to incur any capital hardware cost, find extra space for your any servers, or have a dedicated IT support team.

Quicker ROI Faster implementationwithout a capital infrastructure means you’ll be up and running in no time. The quicker you start using your new Print MIS system, the quicker you’ll see returns.

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