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Sales & Marketing Tips for Printers

  • Cool Car Wrap
    Driving Business by Making Print Cool Again
    This article originally appeared in PrintMediaCentr’s News from the Printerverse by Joanne Gore, Director of Marketing There is no question that we have been plagued with the “print is dead” stigma for far too long. Yet […]
  • Marketing services providers: Is it time to jump on the Print MIS train?
    As a Marketing Services Provider you have a lot going on. Chances are you’re managing a variety of print types including offset, large or wide format and digital inkjet and toner, as well as coordinating mailing. […]
  • in-plan graphics - fortifying the front end
    Fortifying the Front End
    By Erik Cagle – In-Plant Graphics February 2nd, 2017 Oregon’s Publishing & Distribution division is implementing both print shop management and Web-to-print software to augment its efficiency, data measurement and customer service efforts in a true […]
  • Why Ricoh’s Purchase of Avanti Is Good for In-plants
    By Bob Neubauer – Editor, In-Plant Graphics It’s 5:30 in the morning in Japan, but Pat Bolan is too excited to sleep. “Excited to take the company to No. 1 supplier of MIS,” he tells In-plant Graphics, […]
  • Boost Production With These Can’t “MIS” Webinars in 2017
    It is the New Year and now is the time to set your teams and company up for success. As you look ahead at your roadmap and the milestones you want cruise past, take time today […]
  • Demand for Large-Format Opens Revenue Doors for Printers
    With the start of a new year, many commercial printers are asking the tough questions of: “what’s in store for my print shop” and “how can I maximize profits?” By now most of our readers have […]
  • Help vs. Sell for Marketing MIS
    Do you want to be a print vendor…or a print provider?
    This article orignially appeared in PrintMediaCentr’s News from the Printerverse by Joanne Gore, Director of Marketing There has always been a propensity to sell print based on price. Yet we recognize that we also need to […]
  • Monarch Transformation for a Print Shop Management System
    Transformation with a Capital T: Great Advice for Print Service Providers
      There is no question that digitalization is bringing major challenges to the printing industry. It is no longer enough to manufacture and sell products and services—value must be added. This article cites a recent article […]
  • Ask Avanti
    All Your Questions about #AskAvanti Social Media Initiative Are Answered HERE
    If you were at GRAPH EXPO Monday, October 26th, chances are you saw someone wearing a black #AskAvanti shirt or button. We were happy to announce the official launch of #AskAvanti, a social media initiative created […]
  • Hybrid Printing - Print MIS Software
    Hybrid Printing
    Good for You…Good for Them The demands put on the modern print shop have become increasingly complex over the past two decades. The need to be responsive to customer demands has convinced many shop owners to […]
  • Tips - Print MIS Software
    Tips on selecting – and implementing – a print MIS
    by Joanne Gore – Director of Marketing, Avanti This article was originally published in the May issue of Graphic Arts Magazine.  Most people who read my articles know that I tend to focus on marketing, more […]
  • Perfect Elevator Pitch
    Crafting the Perfect Elevator Pitch
    by Joanne Gore, Director of Marketing, Avanti This article orignially appeared in PrintMediaCentr’s News from the Printerverse Picture yourself in an elevator on the 15th floor. The doors open and in walks Kevin O’Leary, from Shark […]
  • Motivate Your Team - Print MIS Software
    Motivating Your Team to Use the Print MIS
    Motivating Your Team to Use the Print MIS   This article was originally published on July 29, 2015 in WhatTheyThink? While there are a lot of obvious benefits to your Print MIS, there are some less obvious […]
  • New Technology - Print MIS Software
    Keep Your Mind Open to the Uses of New Technology!
    Ok, ok, I’m guilty again, I’ve been caught a few times in my life judging a new technology for what it looks like on the surface or what it might do for me or my friends […]
  • Gutenberg - Print MIS Software
    From Gutenberg to Bach
    From Gutenberg to Bach   How the world of print could learn a thing or two from the world of music by Joanne Gore – This article originally appeared in the June issue of Graphic Arts […]
  • CRM Whitepaper for Print MIS Software
    Whitepaper: Why CRM is the Lifeblood of a Print Shop
    Do you want to grow your print business? Does your CRM give you real-time visibility into all departments within your shop? The key to becoming more customer-centric and maintaining customer loyalty is information! Gaining insight into […]
  • Man Holding Rock
    Upping Your Value & Relevancy
    by Gwen Walsh – This article originally appeared in TechEdge LLC and is Reprinted with permission Have you ever noticed that sometimes you get in the way of yourself — you become your own worst enemy? […]
  • Print Shop Management Software Selection Team
    Take a team approach to selecting your next Print MIS
    John Alden – Regional Sales Manager – Avanti March Madness is my favorite sports time of the year. I love seeing college basketball athletes challenge each other while working together to achieve their goal of winning […]
  • Getting more Organized using Software for Print Shops
    How I became more productive in 2015
    Matt Prusa – Channel Development Manager – Avanti It’s about that time. Nearly half of us made a New Year’s resolution and, according to research from the University of Scranton, “getting organized” is the second most popular New […]
  • Marketing Information System Innovation and Personalization
    Innovation, Personalization and the Cloud
    This article originally appeared in “News from the Printerverse” and features predictions from industry leaders around the world. Read what Joanne Gore, our director of marketing, predicts for marketing and the print industry: Joanne Gore – Director […]