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  • Avanti Classic Tech Tip Image
    Avanti Classic Tech Tip: Job Archiving
    How to archive jobs with a status of “OPEN” Job Archiving The common method for archiving is the SA Posting and Archiving module. There are times where specific types of jobs do not need to flow […]
  • Avanti Slingshot Print MIS Software Ending an Operation
    Avanti Slingshot Tech Tip: Ending an Operation in Shop Floor
    There are three new options to end an operation in shop floor: ‘Complete Operation’; ‘Complete Milestone’; and ‘Complete Category’. What are they and what differentiates them? Keep reading! Complete Operation: This button completes the single milestone. The milestone […]
  • Avanti Inventory
    Avanti Slingshot Tech Tip: Inventory Statistics
    When purchasing and maintaining inventory levels, it is essential for users to be able to track the related metrics. In the Inventory > Items and Item Inquiry module there are six fields that make up an […]
  • Avanti Tech Tip Create Commonly
    Avanti Classic Tech Tip: Create commonly-used tasks with just a click of a button
    Fast Tasks Have you ever come across several jobs or estimates within Demand Estimating, Litho Estimating and/or Order Entry that use the same tasks again and again? There is actually a way to set commonly-used tasks […]
  • Avanti Tech Tip Job With No Printing Task
    Avanti Slingshot Tech Tip: Estimating a job with no printing task in Avanti Slingshot
      Users may have jobs that does not require any printing, however they require other task such as prepress, binding or even outsourced tasks. A popular question always comes up on how this can be done […]
  • Avanti Tech Tip How To Reactivate Archived Jobs
    Avanti Classic Tech Tip: Job Maintenance – How to Reactivate Archived Jobs
      Avanti Classic includes the ability to reactivate a previously archived but not purged job. If you have archived jobs in the past, you can easily reactivate the job through the process described below. Navigate to Tools/ Routines/Job […]
  • Avanti Tech Tip Credit Hold - Print MIS Software
    Avanti Classic Tech Tip: How to set up a credit hold
    There is sometimes a requirement to place a customer on credit hold. Depending on the methods your company uses for invoice payment, there may be a need to alert your employees when a customer is on […]
  • Cursor - Print MIS Software
    Avanti Slingshot Tech Tip: Configuration on Widgets/Dashboards
    Ever wonder why some of your widgets seems to go “wonky” on your dashboard? Basically, dashboards work in a particular way, whereas widgets require specific configuration in size, in order for the system to show all information. […]
  • Avanti Tech Tip Item Inquiry
    Avanti Slingshot Tech Tip: Item Inquiry
    Avanti Slingshot Tech Tip: Item Inquiry   Have you ever needed to confirm what job(s) a particular inventory item was used for? Have you ever needed to know the purchase history of a particular inventory item? […]
  • Avanti Tech Tip - Print MIS Software
    Avanti Classic Tech Tip: Job Auxiliary Field Setup
    Avanti Classic Tech Tip: Job Auxiliary Field Setup   Job auxiliary fields are fields that can be added to your order entry module. These fields will appear in the notes/auxiliary tab in order entry. Similar to […]
  • CRM Performance Tweaks in Avanti Classic
    Avanti Classic Tech Tip: CRM Performance Tweaks
    If you’re looking for a way to speed up your experience with Avanti CRM, have a look at the system’s application settings.  These settings can be found within Avanti if you are signed in as an […]
  • Avanti Slingshot Print MIS Speech Bubble
    Avanti Slingshot Tech Tip – Comments vs Notes
    Avanti Slingshot Tech Tip Comments vs Notes Two questions that we often get asked are “What’s the difference between Comments and Notes?” and “When should they be used?” There is a fundamental difference between the two […]
  • Using Change Orders in the Avanti Slingshot Marketing Information System
    Avanti Slingshot Tech Tip – Change Orders
    Updating jobs in production and tracking changes Ever had a job that seems to have been changed at some point during the production process? Now you can see who made the change, what changed, who approved […]
  • Running Avanti Slingshot on a 64 bit computer
    Are you taking full advantage of the horsepower of your 64 bit computer when running Avanti?!?
    There are 3 main differences between the installation of software on a 32 bit Windows OS machine and a 64 bit Window OS machine that need to be considered. *note: You will need some technical knowledge in […]
  • Save turnaround time using the Avanti Slingshot print shop management system
    Save Time in Turnaround Time
    Properly calculating and managing Turnaround time is key to meeting customer expectations and also helping your team better manage their time. And Avanti’s Order Entry system makes it all possible. You may or may not want […]
  • Using Average Pricing with Charts for Print Shop Management Software
    Tips and Tricks – How to use Average Pricing with Charts
    If your print shop offers quantity discounts (and who doesn’t!) or if you want to encourage your customer to order larger quantities, you can set up the step pricing or average pricing depending on the quantities […]