Avanti Classic Tech Tip: How to set up a credit hold

Avanti Tech Tip Credit Hold - Print MIS Software

Avanti Tech Tip Credit Hold - Print MIS SoftwareThere is sometimes a requirement to place a customer on credit hold. Depending on the methods your company uses for invoice payment, there may be a need to alert your employees when a customer is on credit hold. For example, finance has put a customer on credit hold but an employee in the CSR department was unaware and has already put through another job for them.

To ensure that everyone who has interactions with your Avanti system is made aware of important issues, such as credit holds, visual prompts/warnings are ideal. Avanti allows you to do this through the Company Maintenance module.

To setup credit hold prompts follow the steps outlined below:

1.) Open Company Maintenance – Tools > Setup > Company > Company Maintenance

2.) Click on File > Required Info Codes. In this window enter a code of your choice and a description.

3.) Open the client who is on credit hold in the Company Maintenance module

AC TT figure 1

4.) Click on File > Required Info. The same window that we used before should have a drop down under ‘code’ where you can select the codes you have created. Once the code is selected, click okay, then save the changes in company maintenance.

Once this is setup, the next time you open a job in Order Entry for the customer you have placed on credit hold, the warning message that you set up will be displayed. This will notify the employee of the issue and therefore alerting them before they proceed further.AC TT figure 2

You can click okay on the alert message and proceed to do the work if you so choose (it is just a prompt). This message will not prevent the CSR from creating the job for the customer on credit hold, but it will make them aware of the situation.



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