Avanti Classic Tech Tip: Job Maintenance – How to Reactivate Archived Jobs

Avanti Tech Tip How To Reactivate Archived Jobs


Avanti Classic includes the ability to reactivate a previously archived but not purged job. If you have archived jobs in the past, you can easily reactivate the job through the process described below.

  1. Navigate to Tools/ Routines/Job costing/ Reactivate job (as per the screenshot below).Classic Techtip image 1
  2. Select the job(s) you would like to reactivate by clicking on the + button
  3. Note that you have the ability to select all or part of the job sections to reactivate. For example (see below), selecting Job header & Details & Budgets will reactivate all of the job information. Available options are:
    • Job Header & Details & Budgets
    • Job Header & Details
    • Job Header & Budgets
    • Job Header
  4. Once you are ready, click the ‘Reactivate Job’ button

Classic Techtip image 2

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