How Print Automation Relieves Your Financial Headaches: Combining Avanti Slingshot with Choice Accounting Programs

As a print shop manager, chances are you suffer from ‘financial headaches’ that threaten your shop’s profitability.

Do you have these symptoms?

• You can’t get a complete and accurate picture of all the operational costs in order to capture, invoice and determine the profitability of every print job (e.g. shipping, inventory, sales and administration, etc.).
Clients from across North America are turning to us to provide a remedy to these financial headaches.

In a fast-paced 60-minute webinar, we review how combining Avanti Slingshot with popular accounting programs such as QuickBooks, Sage and Microsoft Dynamics GP provides you with the kind of information you need – when you need it – so that your print shop runs as profitably and pain-free as possible.

Attend this webinar if you are:

• involved in finance, operations, production, marketing or sales
• finding it difficult to capture and invoice of all the operational expenses related to your print jobs — such as inventory, shipping, sales and administration.

Register for Thursday, Mar 26th, 2020 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST
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