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Avanti Slingshot Tech Tip
Comments vs Notes

Two questions that we often get asked are “What’s the difference between Comments and Notes?” and “When should they be used?” There is a fundamental difference between the two and, while they can be used for similar purposes, they are also intrinsically different.


Comments are attached to a job and only that job. They print on job tickets and travel through the system with the workflow. They can be printed on documents such as job tickets, packing slips, etc. and often relate to a specific process.
Avanti Slingshot Comments screen shot


Notes are used throughout the system for sales orders, customers, etc. They are meant to provide a place to keep track of the business process with a date/time stamp. For example, where a comment may be a piece of information for production or some other part of the workflow, a note may be communication with the customer (e.g.: “Client always requires 25 samples”, or “always provide high res flat proofs and low res folded proofs”).

Avanti Slingshot Notes Screen Shot

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