Employee Spotlight: Fay Rakoff, Manager Organizational Effectiveness

  An Interview with Avanti’s Manager Organizational Effectiveness


At Avanti, Fay plays a very diverse role. From starting at Avanti 3 ½ years ago, part time, as assistant to Patrick, Fay now has ubiquitous presence. “In the beginning, I was primarily helping the Implementation team become more streamlined.” As time progressed, filling the gaps for various groups, Fay became a fulltime employee, helping improve processes while gaining efficiencies. This capability was formalized January 2019, with a promotion to Manager, Organizational Effectiveness.

Fay’s career started with obtaining her Computer Science Honours degree from the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Working her way up, from programmer, through technical support, to management, she was Director of epost Operations division for Canada Post for 15 years. That role of guaranteeing 24*7 service for electronic mail delivery, maximized Fay’s skills of project management, team leadership and organizing, in a state-of-the-art production software environment. Then, after a stint as a self-employed consultant to millennial entrepreneurs, the Avanti opportunity presented itself.

At home, Fay and husband Steve, a self-employed electrical engineer, are empty nesters, as their 2 sons have embarked on their respective computing and engineering careers. “I love to cook and tend to my 100 square feet seasonal vegetable patch, sharing the summer abundance with neighbours… who knew what magnificent flowers the humble eggplant, cucumber and basil could bear?” Whatever the weather Fay can be found walking through her neighbourhood park, admiring the local plant and animal life. Considering these lifelong interests, it seemed a “natural” for Fay to undertake afterhours study of Sustainability and Food Security at Ryerson, before it became “the fashion”.

Today, Fay may be viewed as the glue that pulls everything together at Avanti,

  • from convening leadership, board and company meetings for Senior management,
  • ensuring events run flawlessly for Marketing,
  • assisting Finance and Implementation with intricate invoicing & reconciliation,
  • boosting staff morale at many touchpoints,
  • ensuring efficient operation of the business at multiple levels,
  • to, more recently, supporting Sales, reviewing and entering new orders,

the list goes on…

“I love the variety of the job, knowing I have made a difference at the end of each day, helping individuals become more effective in their work, while optimizing a positive environment for all.”

In a nutshell, Fay’s varied experience, multi-faceted skill-set, and pervasive positivity, enables her to act as consultant to most areas within Avanti.

“Thanks for the opportunity!”


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