Meeting & Exceeding Customer Needs with Avanti’s Advanced Fulfillment Module


Avanti’s Fulfillment System is a powerful, fully integrated, easy-to use module that expands the functionality of several Avanti modules, enabling printers to manage their entire printing and fulfillment operations from one ultra-efficient core MIS. Having an integrated system saves time (both in training and maintenance), and most importantly, ensures that all fulfillment contracts are properly managed. Also, these accounts are typically a printer’s core customers, so mistakes can be especially damaging, both in cost and reputation.

Join us as we show how Avanti Slingshot’s Fulfillment module gives you the ability to manage the process of customer orders and shipments efficiently and how Avanti Slingshot’s Advanced Fulfillment module automates the complete fulfillment workflow, from replenishment planning to receipts and warehousing, to contract billing of customer-owned inventory.

We’ll demonstrate how the system manages raw materials in real-time, automates re-orders, increases control of finished goods, and manages low inventory reporting and tracking for various materials, & provide an-depth look at the inventory management features that improve internal processes, such as:

• Tracking both cost and quantity of all finished goods either as an inventory item, product or a kit.
• Extension of the Sales Order module to include ordering finished goods.
• Automatic generation of back orders and assignment of back order items to a specific job.
• Generation of pick lists, routing employees through the warehouse to pull finished goods as efficiently as possible
• Shipping of single orders to multiple locations.
• Eliminate manual calculation and entry of production orders to replenish finished goods that are produced in-house.
• Collect production costs and automatically assign the cost to the finished goods items.
• Automatically calculate replenishment transfers of fast moving items from the warehouse to the fast-moving items pick area, based on back-orders and minimum quantity requirements

Register for Thursday, Sept 26th, 2019 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST
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