Avanti Slingshot® Print MIS Integration with Enfocus Switch

Automate Repetitive Tasks and Reduce Touchpoints: Receive, Proof and Process PDF Files Easily and Quickly


The automated, bi-directional communication between Avanti Slingshot® and Enfocus Switch removes user touch points and eliminates manual work associated with PDF jobs. Entering jobs into your system, sending proofs to customers and managing production details for your PDF files is now quick, easy, efficient, and accurate.

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Go From Order to Proof Quickly and Accurately

Automating your PDF workflow with Avanti Slingshot and Enfocus Switch cuts turnaround times between order and proof, reduces errors, and frees up hours of staff for more valuable activities.

Automated, Bi-Directional PDF Job and Production Data Flow

  • Reduce labor costs by automating repetitive tasks
  • Eliminate manual work associated with entering job and production details
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Completely Automate the PDF Proofing Process

  • Automate email soft proofing; eliminate the manual process
  • Stream high-resolution PDFs directly to customers
  • Enjoy the benefits of a browser-based user interface
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Improved Service Levels

  • Route customer approvals quickly and directly to production
  • Reduce turnaround times by moving files immediately to the right place
  • Improve customer experience by viewing files “as they will print”

Avanti Slingshot® and Enfocus Switch Workflow

Red Hot Technology

Award Winning Partnership:

This integration received a “Red Hot Technologies” award at Print 18 as a “game changer” for collaboration in the print industry. This integration automates repetitive tasks and reduces the number of touch points associated with receiving, sorting and processing PDF files for print to deliver a complete print production solution that saves manual labor costs while reducing the risk for errors.

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