Avanti Slingshot® Print MIS Integration with PageDNA Web-to-Print

Bridge islands of information, automate order entry and tracking, remove bottlenecks in you PageDNA workflow

Many print shops struggle with automation and function with “islands of information,” where departments and systems are not connected and don’t talk to each other. It creates bottlenecks and slows down efficiency. Integrating your PageDNA web-to-print business into Avanti’s Slingshot Print MIS opens you up to the full benefits of workflow automation.

Direct Benefits for Your Print Shop

An integrated web-to-print and Print MIS system means you’ll reduce duplication, increase efficiency, and drive down costs

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Connect ‘islands of information’

  • Efficiently connect all your systems and departments
  • Get rid of bottlenecks
  • Eliminate workflow breakdown
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Automated order processing

  • Order information is exported directly into Avanti Slingshot
  • Jobs are automatically placed in the production process
  • No more re-keying of information
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Integrated shipping capabilities

  • Once a job is shipped data goes back to the Storefront where clients can track their orders
  • Make it easy for clients to find out when their job will arrive
  • Reduce customer service costs
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Comprehensive reporting

  • Track all jobs, even the most complex ones
  • Make information easily accessible to everyone who needs it
  • Use data to make informed day-to-day and long-term decisions
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Operational improvements

  • Reduce costs by automating time-consuming manual tasks
  • Cut down on human errors
  • Execute orders quickly with no time delays
  • Minimize reporting delays

Avanti Slingshot® and PageDNA Workflow:

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