Keep Your Mind Open to the Uses of New Technology!

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Ok, ok, I’m guilty again, I’ve been caught a few times in my life judging a new technology for what it looks like on the surface or what it might do for me or my friends and customers and yes the latest truly has moved me.

3-D Printers. I’ve been struggling to connect the dots. Is it just a really cool toy? Is there a broad market for the technology? Will it fit into our industry?

I’ve seen some innovative one-off demonstrations showing gadgets being printed, or architectural models, and yes the scary stuff like guns and knives. But I really think I developed tunnel vision with what my eyes were seeing and I shut down my mind to the possibilities concerning 3D printing.

Then it happened and WOW what a wake up call! I realized in an instant I was guilty of not keeping my mind open. I was in the kitchen throwing something together for dinner; the TV was on for static background noise, and BANG a story hits the screen about a local librarian.

He had befriended a gentleman from South America who was in the Boston area being treated for an industrial accident that had dismembered his hand. The librarian downloaded plans for a prosthetic device and, using a 3-D printer and some time, he made his friend a working hand! (you can see the video here)

I stood there for a while quietly absorbing what my eyes and ears had just seen and then the waves hit me, this was not a toy this is technology that can change lives. I was guilty of listening to what everyone else was telling me about the technology and allowing my mind to be closed.

I did a bit of research and stumbled into these 5 facts about 3D printing (via

  1. Though it seems like a fairly new concept, 3D printing has been around since 1983 when Charles Hull invented stereolithography.
  2. It’s Green and is slowly, but surely, replacing the old system where drilling, cutting and filing were all part of the manufacturing equation that would leave a giant mess of leftover scrap material.
  3. So many possibilities! 3D printing is being used in the fashion industry, the airline industry and, not to mention, in medicine as well.
  4. Though 3D printing seems like a much more technologically-advanced process, which in some cases it is; it’s actually a lot like the everyday inkjet printer.
  5. Researchers at Washington State University have teamed up with NASA to work on 3D printing using a new material, moon dust! This new project could lead to on-site fabrication of a moon-base that is constructed of local materials.

The more research I did, the more interesting the facts I uncovered about 3D Printing. It has truly been an eye-wakening experience.

Keep Your Mind Open to the Uses of New Technology!



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