Review of Avanti Slingshot Print MIS

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In May 2019, Jennifer Matt, Managing Editor of WhatTheyThink’s Print Software section
published her review of Avanti Slingshot, Print MIS software. WhatTheyThink provides printing industry news, commentary and analysis.

Avanti Slingshot Print MIS Review Findings

Although Avanti sponsored the review of their Slingshot Print MIS software, they had no editorial control over the content. Key findings published by Jennifer include:

1.Integrated Warehouse Management

“As more and more printers look to extend their value proposition beyond the printed page, fulfillment is a natural evolution. Avanti customers will have a smooth upgrade path that simply entails enabling and implementing the Slingshot warehouse management module. Compare that to a new third-party product that requires integration, implementation, and then separate care and feeding (technical debt that has to be paid by your already stretched technical resources).”

2.Multiple Approaches to Automated Print Scheduling

“Avanti recognized this lack of adoption and built a second way to schedule that requires less of a drastic change to the way schedulers are doing their job today. Rather than continue to push and live with low feature adoption, Avanti created a quick scheduling/sequencing tool that matches more closely to the way people are working today.”

3.Print MIS Implementation Approach

“Avanti has invested in the continuous library building of virtually everything that goes into an initial Print MIS implementation. There is no reason to repeat the setup of a common press at every implementation: set it up once and then re-use it again and again.

Avanti Print MIS Review Conclusions

As Jennifer points out in WhatTheyThink’s review of Avanti’s Slingshot print MIS software, making the best decision on which print MIS to buy really depends on what is most important to a printer’s business. Simply comparing number of features isn’t enough.

This is consistent with what customers tell usat Avanti. No one is looking for system that’s over-engineered and expensive. Printers appreciate Slingshot for its focus on print MIS features that ensure consistentprint quality delivered quickly, accurately and profitably.

Avanti Print MISLinks

Here’s a link to WhatTheyThink’sreview of Avanti Slingshot Print MIS.

Here’s a link to the Avanti Print MIS home page.

For more information on Avanti Slingshot Print MIS call—-or email

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