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The direct mail evolution: campaign management and creative output

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Learn how AIIM, with Avanti’s scalable approach, were able to target the modules that best fit their business and expand their services.

As a Print and Mail Service Provider, you understand that like most businesses, evolution and expansion is the key to maintaining your competitive edge.

Targeted print and digital marketing campaigns require expanded technical capabilities and a specialized skill set of your personnel beyond those of traditional print services.

Rich, personalized customer communications requires a powerful solution to drive measurable direct mail marketing campaigns. Avanti Slingshot® Print MIS and a strategic partnership with BCC Software provides seamless communication of the printing and mailing production process, driving campaign efficiency through uninterrupted processing of jobs and support of merge/purge requirements.

Learn how AIIM, with Avanti’s scalable approach, were able to target the modules that best fit their business and expand their services.


Avanti Print & Mail Solutions

Adding direct mail and campaign marketing services to your print portfolio expands your services to become a ‘one stop’ shop for your customer’s print requirements. It has some unique challenges not found traditional print production that requires specific solutions.

  • Value added services and capabilities: Design, mail drops, postage tracking and fulfillment to drive campaigns from quote to execution and billing.
  • Campaign management and analytics: Gather and analyze your project data in order to identify bottlenecks, unexpected costs and process issues.
  • Custom services and skilled personnel: Data mining, performance analysis and client communications to drive a successful profitable outcome.

From postage estimating to mail drop management to postage expense reconciliation, Avanti Slingshot Print MIS reduces the effort required to consolidate postage receipts, payments, and reporting.

Your Print MIS should be your trusted system of record for your business; the estimating module is the most critical component of your Print MIS. When you implement estimating brilliantly, it provides you a healthy daily dose of ROI forever.


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