Avanti Slingshot® Add-On Modules

Access advanced financial options, dashboards or features such as point of sale or fulfillment with Add-On Modules, purchased individually.

Advanced Purchasing

Advanced Purchasing

Give your print management a boost and organize your accounting and purchase orders with Advanced Purchasing to manage purchases effectively and, in turn, manage costs and inventory.

Track requisitions, purchase orders (POs), and receipts and generate POs ‘on-the-fly’ mid-job when needed. Use the module to combine requisitions for the same supplier into one PO to save money through volume discounts.

Additional benefits include:

  • Producing regular or blanket orders for raw materials, for a specific job or for inventory.

  • Allowing for “non-purchase order” receipts or receipts based on purchase orders.

  • Matching payables against the receipt quantity and the purchase order cost.

  • Managing outside services.

Billing & Accounts Receivable

Robust Accounts Receivable functionality allows you to leverage cost-based reporting for analysis of your printing jobs margins, as well as managing multiple revenue streams: cash receipts for deposits against orders, freight and postage expenses, and full or partial payments again outstanding customer balances. It can also generate invoices for partial portions of a job (if shipped in partial batches).

Additional benefits include:

  • Store funds on customer accounts as unapplied deposits that can later be allocated to pay invoices, deposits, postage deposits or transfer between accounts.

  • Review cash receipt transactions in the register and update them to your accounting software.

  • View associated posted deposit cash receipts on the Invoice Register Report so that deposits can be matched to invoices in Microsoft Dynamics GP (if integrated).

  • Generate cost center-based sales reports.

  • Access a customer A/R aging view and reports (summary and detail) for fast access to outstanding invoices and what you should expect from your customers.

  • Apply partial credit to an invoice to reduce the overall balance owing and restrict customers from ordering more than the allowable credit extended to them.

Billing and Account Receivables


With Avanti Slingshot’s Chargeback module, you have access to detailed job costing information, both electronically and as a hard copy, to simplify reporting and when exporting to your accounting system.

Additional highlights include:

  • Reports can be tailored to your needs.

  • The system integrates with several third-party accounting/ERP systems to post your chargebacks, including SAP®, PeopleSoft®, Lawson®, Microsoft® Dynamics™, GP® and Oracle®.

  • The easy-to-use Chargeback Posting wizard ensures accurate, timely month-end posting.


Place everything you need to know about your customer at your team’s fingertips with Avanti Slingshot’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module. Our customer relationship management tool provides visibility into real-time information. This customer-centric view can lead to better sales and marketing effectiveness, better customer service, and greater profitability by:

  • Ensuring the sales team is always in sync with the most current information about their customers’ jobs.

  • Identifying your most profitable customers for targeted sales and marketing campaigns.

  • Managing and tracking lead generation efforts.

  • Driving sales effectiveness through accurate sales forecasting.

Direct Mail Management

Direct Mail Management

Direct mail provides an opportunity for business growth, but adds complexity compared to traditional print management portfolios.

Avanti Slingshot’s Direct Mail Management module incorporates the development of estimates for all aspects of a Direct Mail project, a shipping plan, and billing for well-managed print services.

Key features include:

  • Job-by-job postage tracking with Postage Accounting: Deposit management and reconciliation of each client’s postage activity, and capturing and reporting actual usage, including mail.dat file imports.

  • Postage Inventory Management for all types of postage.

  • Full online access for customers including postage summaries, replenishing of customer’s postage account, credit card processing, and file and job submissions.

  • The ability to plan, manage, and track multiple drops including items to be part of the drop, quantities within each drop, drop locations, and the mandatory drop completion dates.

  • Managing refunds, overages, and available funds for timely accurate Invoicing.

  • Management reporting including open/closed drop shipments, client-level postage deposits vs. usage summaries, and postage inventory.

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Document Management

This module can attach any type of document to your job workflow to make it available to your employees, ensuring continuity from creation to delivery of your print jobs.  Assign categories to each file to enable searches for specific information, or purge documents by age and/or category when no longer required.

Highlights include:

  • Attach documents (any file type) to customers, contacts, estimates, sales orders, jobs, products, and work templates.

  • Use the Avanti Slingshot server, FTP, or your local network folder (in the case of on-premise installations) as the central storage location of all files.

  • Review and search for documents by assigning categories in CRM based on attach date, who attached the document, what the document is attached to, document category, file type, and file name.

  • Download attached documents anywhere in the workflow, including documents used for production in the Shop Floor module.

Document Management
Executive Dashboards

Executive Dashboards

Avanti Slingshot’s Executive Dashboards provide you with analysis tools and real-time notification functionality to help you understand and manage your business better.

With powerful filtering and online analytic abilities fuel the Executive Dashboard’s graphical view of key performance indicators (KPIs) to provide you with insight into your customer service, financials, sales, marketing, and more.

Additional features include:

  • Standard dashboards for different roles within the company, from the President/Owner to a Customer Service Representative (CSR).
  • Ability to start at a high level of critical indicators and drill down with the click of the mouse – right to the document level if necessary.
  • Customizable Graphical User Interface (GUI) so you can track what is important to you.
  • “Push” technologies that send you real-time information.
  • Compilation of information from multiple areas of the company for the whole picture.


Avanti Slingshot’s fulfillment module gives you the ability to manage the process of customer orders and shipments efficiently as you add this valuable service for customers.

Highlights include:

  • Tracking both cost and quantity of all finished goods either as an inventory item, product or a kit.
  • Extending the Sales Order module to include ordering finished goods.
  • Automatic generation of back orders and assignment of back-order items to a specific job.
  • Generation of pick lists, routing employees through the warehouse to pull finished goods as efficiently as possible.
  • Shipping of single orders to multiple locations.


Invoice is automatically populated with order information and pricing created at time of estimate and/or order entry. Invoice information is reviewable and can be edited.

Highlights include:

  • Handle multiple jobs per invoice and multiple invoices per job.
  • Manage all taxes and change orders and identify additional customer charges.
  • Post activity directly into your accounting system.
  • See costs incurred to date for quick comparisons.

Advanced Fulfillment

Avanti Slingshot’s Advanced Fulfillment module automates the complete fulfillment workflow, from replenishment planning to receipts and warehousing, to contract billing of customer-owned inventory. High-volume fulfillment operations eliminate manual calculations and touch points, streamlining the print management process and allowing employees to focus on the customer.

Advanced Fulfillment adds these capabilities:

  • Eliminate manual calculation and entry of production orders to replenish finished goods that are produced in-house.

  • Collect production costs and automatically assign the cost to the finished goods items.

  • Automatically calculate replenishment transfers of fast-moving items from the “bulk” warehouse to the fast-moving items pick area, based on backorders and minimum quantity requirements.

  • Manage customer contracts: Automatically calculate and apply special contract charges and product order, receipt, pick, and storage charges to create consolidated invoices set with recurring billing frequencies.

Advanced Fulfillment

Point of Sale

Meet customer expectations with the Point of Sale module by increasing accuracy, managing multiple registers, and having real-time visibility into all transactions. The industry’s first cloud-based Print MIS Point-of Sale system manages ‘over-the-counter’ jobs for everything from retail to satellite locations.

Additional benefits include:

  • User-definable payment methods, end-of-day balancing reconciliation, and payment options.

  • Fast order entry, invoice generation, and specific Point-Of-Sale reporting.

  • Ability to enter and invoice customer orders with seamless reconciliation, reporting, and payment processing.

Is there any ROI in an MIS system? Learn More in our eBook.

Is there any ROI in an MIS system? Learn More in our eBook.

Is there any ROI in an MIS system eBook Cover


Deliver jobs on time, whether you are running corporate or commercial printing services, every time with Avanti Slingshot’s Print Scheduling module, which works with the rest of the system set up and track planned completion dates and times.

Organize jobs efficiently, maximize equipment use, and plan your production workflow in advance. The print solutions system will automatically generate the estimated time needed for each job making scheduling just one step easier.

Additional features include:

  • Full integration with Shop Floor Data Collection to automatically date and time stamp tasks when completed and moved on to the next department.
  • Extensive loading and scheduling reporting, by job, or by due date and time.
  • Automatic scheduling of all operations based on priorities and dependencies of previous tasks.
  • Management of “what if” scenarios to optimize the schedule before locking and “publishing” the schedule for everyone to see.
  • Manually override schedules and change job priorities in order to meet deadlines.
Shop Floor Data Collection

Shop Floor Data Collection

Provide your shop floor team with the most current, accurate information available using Avanti Slingshot’s Shop Floor Data Collection module.

Shop Floor Data Collection module can also track labor, materials, productivity, equipment utilization, spoils, and production rates, information you can use to reduce waste and increase profits. The module also tracks employee shifts, logging clock-in and out times and total hours. The shift information, combined with the employee’s exceptions like vacation and overtime, gives the accounting department the data it needs so that your employees can be paid.

Highlights include:

  • Easy, real-time data input using a variety of entry devices such as barcode scanner, mouse, and keyboard, touchscreen, or a mobile device (tablet or smartphone).

  • Quick access to all job information, including production details, scheduling, digital assets, and an electronic view of the job ticket.

  • Powerful, built-in messaging for easy communication between shop floor staff and front office staff.

  • Visual cues of the production workflow to help the operators understand the “big picture.”

  • Real-time view of employee shifts for supervisors to see exactly what an employee has completed and what they are working on.

  • Customizable payroll export/report of employee regular hours and overtime, vacation, holidays, leave, unpaid and sick days.

Triggers and Alerts

Never miss important notifications with the mis software’s Triggers and Alerts module which automates messaging about important events, from confirming an order shipment to a job being late. Set up automated emails (e.g., a quote or invoice) to eliminate manual tasks.

Benefits include:

  • Choose from pre-defined emails and tailor them to your specific needs using system variables.

  • Access a one-stop source for information on all current and historical tasks to make quicker, better-informed decisions with timely information.

  • Avoid information overload by customizing your alerts and only receiving ones that are important to you.

  • Increase productivity by eliminating manual collection and distribution of information.

  • Save time and money with access to business-critical information at your fingertips.

Triggers and Alerts
Wireless Warehouse Management

Wireless Warehouse Management

Make data entry mobile with Avanti Slingshot’s Wireless Warehouse Management system, which uses wireless scanners as data entry points to report back to the Avanti Slingshot Inventory modules.

Avanti’s Mobile application installed on a device with a built-in barcode scanner works seamlessly with Avanti Slingshot. Users can then track purchase order receipts, inventory counts, receipts from production, transfers, and adjustments. The warehouse team can easily log inventory receipts, counts, transfers, and adjustments, with the resulting data visible across users. 

Highlights include:

  • Automate warehouse tracking through the use of handheld scanners to improve accuracy and accountability and reduce administration costs.

  • Reduce the likelihood of errors during shipping or receiving. Fulfill orders more rapidly and instantaneously trace ordered products within the warehouse. 

  • Using a wireless, hand-held barcode scanner with integrated screen and keyboard plus a portable label printer, users can scan barcodes on incoming packages, skids, rolls, and more. They can enter additional information on a hand-held scanner to put products into inventory and print new labels on the portable printer directly from the hand-held scanner, which then automatically link to the proper inventory item in Avanti Slingshot.

  • View a list of all jobs from the mis software that are ready to be picked, with guidance through the warehouse in a logical walking order. The user can scan, enter, or double-click on an item to be picked to view the description, quantity required, and location. They can then enter the picked quantity, confirm the picked location, and receipt number. Once all the items for a job have been picked, the records will be updated in Avanti Slingshot.

  • Accept physical inventory by scanning inventory barcodes using the hand-held scanner and then enter the quantity on hand. Reports are available to check counts, and the system can automatically reconcile and track overs or unders from the physical count.

  • Gain business-wide traceability, employee accountability, and real-time speed and responsiveness using wireless, hand-held, barcode scanners. Combined with the Avanti Slingshot Inventory Management system, Wireless Warehouse Management reduces fulfillment time, increases inventory accuracy, improves customer service, increases warehouse productivity, and reduces labor costs.

Note: Equipment required to run the Wireless Warehouse Management Software (Scanners, Printers, etc.) is not included and must be purchased separately.

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