With Avanti’s MIS solution, you can have it all.
From order entry to invoicing—with Avanti Slingshot® you can work more efficiently, control costs and move more jobs through your print shop MIS system with ease.
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Avanti Slingshot’s modules provide a complete end-to-end print automation solution


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Create estimates that are both accurate and competitive.
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Never enter data more than once and reduce costly errors.
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Retrieve information on a job quickly and easily.
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Make client requested changes and communicate them seamlessly.
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Stay in control of your inventory costs and know when to reorder.
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Your one-stop source for information on all your jobs.
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Get all customer data seamlessly passed on to shipping provider.
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Instantly understand your business through powerful reports.
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A More Detailed Look

Designed by printing professionals for printing professionals.

Avanti has been enhancing workflows for marketing services providers, commercial printers, large or grand format shops, print and mail providers, and in-plants for decades. All aspects of estimating, production planning, warehousing, shipping, and billing are incorporated into one easy-to-use Print MIS platform.

Integrate industry best-practices to make your operation efficient.

Avanti Slingshot is the result of more than 5 years of research and development; this award-winning print management platform leverages advice from industry thought leaders, customers of all sizes, and a rich 30+ year history in this specialized market area.

Easily get the information you want, when you want it, where you want it.

Easy-to-use Avanti Slingshot MIS system offers built-in intelligence, presenting real-time information when and where it’s needed. It can be accessed anywhere, anytime, from any internet-enabled device, giving you the flexibility to get the answers you need, even when you’re “on the go.” Avanti Slingshot can also be hosted on-premise.

Connect islands of automation and eliminate breakpoints in your workflow.

Avanti Slingshot’s Application Programming Interface (API) leverages industry-standard protocols like JDF and XML to enable communication with key applications, such as web-to-print, pre-press, post-press and production equipment. By communicating with third-party systems and equipment throughout the shop, Avanti Slingshot eliminates costly, time-consuming manual steps.

Never have to buy another Print Management Software.

The Avanti Slingshot platform is scalable and supports companies of all sizes, including multi-company, multi-division, multi-plant and franchise operations. For global clients, it provides localization, with region-specific settings such as date, language, currency, address and phone number.


Learn more about our award-winning product for commercial print and marketing solutions companies, and gain industry insight through our free downloadable resources.

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How to Buy a Print MIS

How to Buy a Print MIS

How to Implement a Print MIS

Is there any ROI in an MIS system eBook Cover

Is There Really Any ROI in a Print MIS?

A Recognized Thought-leader
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Vanugard Award at PRINT 18
-Avanti Slingshot and BCC Intergration

5 “Red Hot” Awards at PRINT 18
-Avanti Slingshot and XMPie Integration
-Avanti Slingshot and HP Siteflow Integration
-Avanti Slingshot EnFocuse Switch Integration
-Avanti Slingshot Automated Fulfillment

Contract Managment
-Avanti Slingshot Mobile Fulfillment

DPS Magazine Readers’ Choice 2018
-Avanti Slingshot
“Must See Ems” Award at PRINT17
-Avanti Slingshot Scheduling

Reservation System
-Avanti Slingshot Wireless Warehouse Managment

DPS Magazine Readers’ Choice 2016
-Avanti Slingshot

2 MUST SEE EM awards at Graph Expo 2015
-Press Sheet Optimizer
-Grand Format

MUST SEE EM award at Graph Expo 2014
-Advanced JDF Framework

MUST SEE EM award at PRINT13
-Avanti Slingshot

MUST SEE EM award at Graph Expo 2012
-Avanti Slingshot Fulfillment

MUST SEE EM award at Graph Expo 2011
-Avanti CRM Automated Lead Managment
-Avanti Automated Proof Tracking
-Avanti-Ultimate Impostrip Integration

“Worth-a-Look” award at Graph Expo 2010
-Avanti HP SmartStream Integration

“Best of Show” award at OnDemand 2010
-Avanti HP SmartStream Integration

2 “Worth-a-Look” award at PRINT 2009
-Avanti Direct Mail Managment Module
-Addition of Microsoft Outlook to Avanti CMR

“Best of Show” award at OnDemand 2009

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