Avanti Slingshot® Core Modules

Avanti Slingshot’s core modules provide an integrated end-to-end solution. For further customization, supplement them with add-on modules.


An accurate and complete estimate is the first step in an efficient job plan.

With Avanti Slingshot’s Estimating module, you can quickly and easily create consistent quotes regardless of skill level. Integration with Avanti’s Sales Order and Job Manager modules lets you easily create enterprise and commercial printing jobs from start to finish.

The Estimating Module includes:

  • Prepress and finishing estimation capabilities.
  • Quotes for all types of printing including small format (offset, digital),
    direct mail, grand/large format, and fulfillment.
  • Support for customer-specific pricing.
  • Contract and price list pricing.
  • Fast access to standard products and product kits.

Avanti Slingshot’s Large/Grand Format estimating module, winner of a 2015 MUST SEE’EM, uses specialized algorithms that include material requirements, ink coverage, edge sealing and more, along with a real-time view of job costing, tracking, and billing information for comprehensive print management.

Sales Orders

Order entry should be quick, easy to use, and have the ability to leverage other information from within your business.

Avanti Slingshot’s Sales Order module includes options to create new orders, copy previous jobs for re-order, or have the order populate from the Estimating Module.

Each order created generates a job ticket that can include additional file attachments for job information or specs.

Additional benefits include:

  • USPS Address Validation and addition of a ZIP+4® Code.
  • Web-to-Print integration.
  • A quick-to-learn and easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI).
  • Calculation of your costs and price as you add the job without a separate estimate.
  • Ability to save templates for future use.
  • Generation of both job tickets and pick lists for sales orders.

Job Ticketing

Use barcode technology to instantly scan and retrieve job ticket information, speed up data entry and reduce errors.

Avanti Slingshot’s Job Ticketing module can:

  • Boost productivity by streamlining print management data collection.
  • Speed up access to each job by scanning the job number from the job ticket
  • Integrate with the Shop Floor Data Collection module by giving each operator their own barcode so that they can wand their badge to identify themselves to the system.
  • Collect time and material data against machines and operations/cost centers.
  • Use Dynamic Job Tickets to transfer information from the Sales Order module to customizable Job Ticket formats.

Change Orders

Be ready for the inevitable changes to jobs.

Any client changes that affect the cost and/or selling price of a job that has been entered with the Sales Order module will be recorded within the Change Orders module, printing a change order for production along with a notice for the customer. Notification is also sent to the shop floor and pricing data is updated for accurate invoicing.

Additional benefits include:

  • No need to continually re-enter data in the MIS software.
  • Integration with industry-leading web-to-print solutions.
  • A quick-to-learn and easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Inventory Management

Refocus your time on creative, sales and customer-centric tasks by automating inventory management.

Avanti Slingshot’s Inventory module manages both raw and finished goods in realtime with automated re-order, low inventory reporting, and materials tracking.

Additional highlights include:

  • Information on re-order points, optimum stocking levels, and economic order quantities.
  • Cost tracking by last cost, average, or First In, First Out (FIFO).
  • Tracking of material usage, including a full history of transactions: commitments, orders, receipts, adjustments, moves, and issues.
  • Entry of materials usage from Timesheets or from the Shop Floor Data Collection module.

Job Costing & Tracking

With dozens or hundreds of jobs in the pipeline at any one time, you need to know two things: where each job is in the workflow and how much it is going to cost to create.

Avanti Slingshot’s Job Manager module is a one-stop source for information on your jobs, past and present, with real-time insight into job costing/tracking, job profitability, invoicing, and more allowing complete managed print service visibility. It gives your employees the ability to answer customer questions and requests instantly. And it gives executives the information they need when they need it.

Additional benefits include:

  • Real-time updates on where your job exists in the overall production workflow.
  • Advanced searches to easily locate jobs, monitor equipment use and improve employee efficiency.
  • Reports of equipment usage and estimate-to-job summary over different time periods.


Meet shipping and delivery deadlines with Avanti Slingshot print solution’s Shipping module. Integrate with United States Postal Service, UPS, Purolator, and FedEx to track shipments after simply transferring the shipping and billing information to them.

Additional highlights include:

  • Automatic transfer of shipping information for packing slips and carton/skid labels.
  • Direct transfer of ship-to data to your shipping provider of choice.
  • Automatic transfer of UPS or FedEx systems tracking numbers and all costing information back to Avanti Slingshot.
  • Management of unlimited “ship-to” locations on an item-by-item basis or for the entire job. Entering multiple shipments at one time? You are able to enter a unique quantity and ship date for each shipment.
  • Customizable labels to make the package ‘yours.’


Decision support through reporting is the key to making the right choices in your business.

With numerous standard reports, Avanti Slingshot print management software’s Reporting module can help you make sense of all your Print MIS software data. Using extensive costing, job tracking, and efficiency analytics, you can gain valuable insight into your business’ past, present, and close future. Learning how to save money and time just got easier.

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