Avanti Announces New, Streamlined Soft Proofing Automation for Slingshot™

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TORONTO, Ont., November 9, 2020 – Avanti Computer Systems Ltd, the market leader in Print MIS software, today announced the availability of integrated, automated soft-proofing capabilities for its Avanti Slingshot™ Print MIS platform. This new option, called Live Proofing, embeds in the MIS, working in tandem with Slingshot’s Alerts, and Automation and Triggers modules to streamline job production processes.

Live Proofing is an example of how Avanti continues to refine, enhance and extend its industry-leading Print MIS platform to address customer needs.

“Many Avanti customers have expressed a need for proof approval automation, because their existing processes often result in delays and miscommunication between prepress, production, design, customer service, and, of course, customers,” said Kevin Shaw, deputy general manager, for Avanti Systems.

The new Live Proofing functionality addresses these concerns and enhances Avanti Slingshot™ capabilities through:

  • Seamless integration: Designed to work fluidly within Slingshot, Live Proofing reduces the chance for system glitches and ensures easy access from all necessary modules, including Shop Floor, Job View and Sales Order.
  • Automated distribution: Live Proofing loads documents and sends secure links to the right people without print shop staff having to search for customer contact information. The distribution list is pre-determined and customized based on client-specific triggers and alerts.
  • Incorporated PDF viewer: Customers receive secure links to view and respond to their proof using embedded software designed for PDF review. This prevents problems inherent with emailing large PDF files, having clients review those files in inconsistent viewers, and controlling access to production-ready documents.
  • Alert notifications: Customer no longer wait for emails or search for lost messages. Print staff is notified within minutes when proofs are approved or rejected to prevent production delays.
  • Customer satisfaction: Print shop customers feel more involved in the process through having direct communication with the production team. Rejections, approvals, and comments are captured, maintained, and presented to the appropriate customer service or production departments to prevent miscommunication.

“With Live Proofing, print staff can drop the file in the system and forget it. The system automatically does the rest. It’s unique and simple to navigate,” said Keith Sullivan of Sull Graphics.

The Live Proofing module is currently available in the latest version of Avanti Slingshot™. Schedule a demo today, or to learn more read, “Live Proofing Offers Smoother Client Review Process.”

About Avanti

At Avanti, our goal is to help you deliver more jobs, in less time, with the confidence in knowing that every aspect of your shop is integrated into one powerful Print MIS platform. Connect islands of automation, eliminate breakpoints in your workflow, and get the information you want – when you want it, and where you want it – easily, with award-winning, JDF-certified Avanti Slingshot.™

From order entry through to production and billing, Avanti Slingshot™ enables you to work more efficiently, control your costs, and move more jobs through the shop with ease. www.avantisystems.com #askavanti


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