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“Our web-to-print jobs are sent to Avanti Slingshot without any re-keying. That alone saves us 15 hours/week and significantly improves accuracy and efficiency.”

Keith Sullivan, President of Sull Graphics

Avanti Slingshot’s Core Modules Provide a Complete End-to-End Print Automation Solution


Create estimates that are both accurate and competitive.

Sales Orders

Never enter data more than once and reduce costly errors.

Job Ticketing

Retrieve information on a job quickly and easily.

Change Orders

Make client requested changes and communicate them seamlessly.

Inventory Management

Stay in control of your inventory costs and know when to reorder.

Job Costing & Tracking

Your one-stop source for information on all your jobs.

Shipping Data

Get all customer data seamlessly passed on to your shipping provider.

Reporting Module

Instantly understand your business through powerful reports.

Integrate With Your Customers’ Systems to Ensure Repeat Business

JDF Certification Lets Your Customers Connect with You More Easily.

You won’t need to worry about compatibility issues when your customers send you orders from their systems. Avanti is at the cutting edge of Job Definition Format (JDF), working in the industry to define the next version. That means your systems will always be up to date with industry standards, enabling you to connect with your customers’ systems and avoid losing information. Plus, we’re constantly adding more third-party systems with which we’re compatible.

Accounting Connectivity

One of the best things about Avanti Slingshot is that it brings everything together into one place, integrating all your disparate systems through a single source of record.

Eliminate Islands of Automation Throughout Your Shop

Avanti Slingshot is the central hub of your operation, exchanging information between all the key applications and equipment you count on to run your operation.


Direct Machine Interface



Avanti Slingshot® Mobile App

Finally! Data entry processes for warehouse management are no longer confined to a desktop. They are implemented in the warehouse with the addition of mobile devices, including mobile computers, smartphones, and tablets, which serve as data entry points to report back to the Avanti Slingshot Inventory and Fulfillment modules.

Gain business-wide traceability, employee accountability and real-time speed and responsiveness using your mobile device. Transition from pen and paper to a digital environment that does away with the re-keying of data and possibility of human entry error. Combined with Avanti Slingshot Inventory management and Fulfillment, the Avanti mobile app helps to speed fulfillment time, increase inventory accuracy, improve customer service, expand warehouse productivity and ultimately, reduce labor costs.

Avanti’s mobile application can be installed on any device running on Android or iOS, using the device’s wireless network connection to connect directly to your Avanti Slingshot system. Mobile users in the warehouse can look-up inventory items, enter receipts (PO, direct, ASN, warehouse transfer, production), transfers, and adjustments, and complete counts, picks, and replenishments.

Key Customer Advantages

Streamlined installation through the Google and Apple App Stores, with authorization and management within Avanti Slingshot, reducing onboarding and deployment overhead.

Automated warehouse tracking using handheld scanners removes the guesswork and extra labor from your warehouse management processes.

Elimination of manual entry can improve accuracy, accountability and helps minimize administrative costs.

Control and manage day-to-day operations by fulfilling orders quickly and instantaneously tracing ordered products within the warehouse.

Manage processes including receiving, fulfillment, inventory receipts, counts, and moves, working in conjunction with Slingshot’s inventory system.

Scan barcodes on incoming packages, putting products into inventory and generating new labels to print, and updating inventory.

View a list of all jobs that are ready to be picked, with description, quality and location, creating a logical warehouse walking order.  

Reconcile variances in physical inventory by scanning inventory barcodes using the hand-held scanner or mobile device camera and entering the quantity on hand.

Real-time data provides on-the-spot inventory management, transaction and fulfillment information, tracking and reporting.

Note: Mobile devices required to run the Avanti Mobile app are not included and must be purchased separately.

Company Culture Pivots Around Successful MIS Integration

Impulse Graphic & Display Solutions, Mississauga, ON

The Problem

The signage design shop had trouble with accurate estimating. Some jobs they underbid, resulting in profit loss. Others they overbid, leading to a loss of potential business. Some clients received vastly different quotes for similar jobs. After losing a major client, they turned to Avanti.

The Solution

Slingshot’s ability to deliver line-item data in real time made the MIS software’s estimating feature attractive to Impulse GDS. It would mean fewer losses and further predictability.

The Results

Company culture began to change around the new estimating procedures, making the shop team more disciplined and calculative. Errors are less frequent, and morale is up—along with profit margins.

“People often do whatever it takes to get rush jobs out, even if that means at times, cutting corners and skipping data entry. Slingshot’s work templates help them hit those tight deadlines while using consistent procedures to realize the long-term benefits.”

Why Avanti?

Impulse Graphic & Display Solutions, Mississauga, ON

The changing market is scary, but so is the cost and process of adopting major software. You’re concerned about the future of your business as the market—and the world economy—changes.

We are confident that Avanti Slingshot can adapt to your company’s needs, but we don’t leave you to figure it out on your own. Our team of experts is eager to come alongside you, evaluate your business’ workflow, and recommend an implementation plan tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Where other Print MIS solutions force you to conform to the software, our platform focuses on flexibility and the ability to adjust to your business process.

We have developed the most open industry solutions to run multiple lines of business, for commercial printers, in-plant operations, large format specialists, and print & mail professionals.

We would love to show you how.

“People often do whatever it takes to get rush jobs out, even if that means at times, cutting corners and skipping data entry. Slingshot’s work templates help them hit those tight deadlines while using consistent procedures to realize the long-term benefits.”

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