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A Recognized Thought-leader in our Industry

Mailing Systems Technology Hot Companies 2019-20

– Print and Mail Solutions

Vanugard Award at PRINT 18

-Avanti Slingshot and BCC Intergration

5 “Red Hot” Awards at PRINT 18

-Avanti Slingshot and XMPie Integration
-Avanti Slingshot and HP Siteflow Integration
-Avanti Slingshot EnFocuse Switch Integration
-Avanti Slingshot Automated Fulfillment Contract Menagment
-Avanti Slingshot Mobile Fulfillment

DPS Magazine Readers’ Choice 2018

-Avanti Slingshot

“Must  See Ems” Award at PRINT17

-Avanti Slingshot Scheduling Reservation System
-Avanti Slingshot Wireless Warehouse Managment

DPS Magazine Readers’ Choice 2016

-Avanti Slingshot

2 MUST SEE EM awards at Graph Expo 2015

-Press Sheet Optimizer
-Grand Format

MUST SEE EM award at Graph Expo 2014

-Advanced JDF Framework

MUST SEE EM award at PRINT13

-Avanti Slingshot

MUST SEE EM award at Graph Expo 2012

-Avanti Slingshot Fulfillment

MUST SEE EM award at Graph Expo 2011

-Avanti CRM Automated Lead Managment
-Avanti Automated Proof Tracking
-Avanti-Ultimate Impostrip Integration

“Worth-a-Look” award at Graph Expo 2010

-Avanti HP SmartStream Integration

“Best of Show” award at OnDemand 2010

-Avanti HP SmartStream Integration

2 “Worth-a-Look” award at PRINT 2009

-Avanti Direct Mail Managment Module
-Addition of Microsoft Outlook to Avanti CMR

“Best of Show” award at OnDemand 2009

DPS Top 30 Awards
2017 MUST SEE ‘EMS awards
Must see 'em Graph expo 2015
Must See'Em Graph Expo Logo
Graph expo 2013


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"As featured in" publication logos.
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