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Geek Speak for Print Professionals Cover Thumnail


Is Geek Speak
Hurting Your Business?

How to use everyday language to impact customer satisfaction … and your bottom line

“Geek Speak” can mean anything from “speeds and feeds” in software, to print terms that we can take for granted. Most businesses no longer have dedicated print buyers. Those tasked with the role of purchasing print may have little or no experience with with printers or the print medium itself. These folks could be digital marketers, administrative assistants, or procurement specialists. Does this sound familiar?

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  • Printing and Marketing Group, Inc. Sees the Big Picture with Avanti Slingshot

    “Everyone’s finally starting to see the big picture. Once you start working in estimating, you realize your true costs. We can look at history, particularly in outsourcing, and it’s all in one place. We no longer need to run around and find information.”

  • ASU Tackles Big MIS Challenges with an Avanti Slingshot

    Avanti Slingshot has streamlined our estimating process and allowed us to capture all our costs. I no longer need to be tied to my desk in order to manage effectively. I can create an estimate right in a customer’s office, or access my operation from any laptop or mobile device using just a browser.

  • Our Daily Bread calls Avanti Slingshot a “Game Changer”

    Other systems were either far behind Avanti or over-engineered. We could have spent far more on other MIS solutions, yet not received the benefits and personal attention we get from Avanti.