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How to archive jobs with a status of “OPEN”

postimage_archiveThe common method for archiving is the SA Posting and Archiving module. There are times where specific types of jobs do not need to flow through the regular invoicing process.  The Job Archiving module, while similar to the SA Posting and Archiving module, only requires that the job be set to a status of “Open”, whereas the SA Posting and Archiving module requires that the costs entries be posted, the and the job be invoiced. This utility can be used to archive old jobs that are no longer relevant and are clogging up the system, causing the system to run slowly. This will allow users to archive a very large number of jobs and improve system’s speed.

Here is how to access this module:

  1. From the Avanti Menu, select Tools > Routines > Job Costing > Job Archivingclassic-tt-1
  2. The Job Archiving Module will allow the user to set a date range for the jobs you need to archive. There is also the option to archive for a specific job stream or a range of job streams. The system automatically creates a batch number
  3. To start the archiving process select OK. A message will pop up asking if the user would like to proceed with the process and archive all jobs that fall within the date and job stream range.

Notification of Archive
Note that you can view status of a job by opening the job in Order Entry. The status will be shown on the bottom left. You can also view this via the Job Manager.

Order Entry Status

Job Manager Status Column

4.  Once the archiving process is complete, a report of successfully archived jobs is produced, and, if applicable, a list of jobs that could not be archived.

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