Avanti Classic Tech Tip: Job Auxiliary Field Setup

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Avanti Classic Tech Tip: Job Auxiliary Field Setup


Job auxiliary fields are fields that can be added to your order entry module. These fields will appear in the notes/auxiliary tab in order entry. Similar to job notes, auxiliary fields are used to store information on the job as a whole, and cannot be broken down into job lines.

You can choose to setup up to 8 different fields, with the option to “force use” each field if needed. A table of answers can be setup as well to limit input to a specified set of entries. It is not required to use the auxiliary tables, and if they are not setup, the user will be able to input any information they choose in the field (with a limit of 20 characters). Below are the steps needed to create auxiliary fields and the auxiliary tables.

Create a new Auxiliary field

  1. Go to Tools/Setup/Order Entry/Job Auxiliary Field Setup
  2. In the “Use” column enter Y
  3. Enter a name for the field (this will appear in order entry)
  4. Enter the length of the field (max characters allowed is 20)
  5. Choose whether you would like to “force use” or not.
    Note: “force use” will not allow users to save a job without entering a value into this field
  6. Save your changes

Setup a table of answers to restrict Auxiliary Fields

  1. Locate the field you would like to use a table of answers for and enter a prefix in the prefix column
  2. In this window, select Tools/Aux. table name maintenance
  3. Create a new table with the prefix selected in step 1 and save your changes
  4. Select Tools/Aux. table field maintenance
  5. Enter the table prefix (as noted above)
  6. Create a new code and description and save your changes
  7. Repeat for additional table entries

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