Avanti Slingshot Tech Tip: Inventory Statistics

Avanti Inventory

postsimage_paper-stockWhen purchasing and maintaining inventory levels, it is essential for users to be able to track the related metrics.

In the Inventory > Items and Item Inquiry module there are six fields that make up an item’s statistics, including:

  1. Quantity On-Hand: The amount of that item on hand
  2. Committed: The amount of that item committed to jobs/sales orders
  3. Quantity Available: The amount of that item currently available (on-hand minus committed)
  4. Quantity Backordered: The amount of that item that is on backorder (when on-hand minus committed results in a negative value)
  5. Quantity On P/O: The amount of that item currently on active purchase orders
  6. Quantity Reserved: The subset of committed amounts that are currently on-hand

TT AS 2016-08-09_1047_A

Although the totals of each metric are valuable, users can drill down and find even more detail by right-clicking into the Committed, Backordered, On P/O or Reserved quantity fields.

TT AS 2016-08-09_1129_B

This will open up a window detailing any sales orders/purchase orders that reference the selected item. For example, in the Item on Purchase Orders window, it will display all active purchase orders that include this stock item and a breakdown of the Quantity on P/O.

TT AS 2016-08-09_1133_C

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