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For several years now, Avanti has been a member of CIP4, a consortium of vendors, consultants and end-users in the print communications and Graphic Arts industry, covering a variety of equipment, software, peripherals, and processes. Avanti participates in focus groups to help define future versions of JDF, to study user requirements, and to design the JDF Software Development Kit (SDK). Avanti’s JDF framework, winner of a 2014 Must See’em, helps our customers move away from “one-off” JDF customization projects to an environment where new equipment and new software can communicate via JDF in a very cost effective way. Avanti Slingshot was awarded JDF certification for both MIS to Prepress and Integrated Digital Printing. The list of Avanti supported prepress software and production equipment for both the press shop and the bindery is growing every day.

Avanti Slingshot’s Advanced JDF Framework ensures that JDF is no longer the exclusive domain of large corporations by doing “the heavy lifting” to make that handshake a much less costly and time consuming project. It creates a seamless information and data-transfer link between your MIS software, prepress, production and bindery equipment. In short, it provides an environment where all the software and equipment in your shop can speak the same language.  It gives any shop the ability to connect their “islands of automation” and send automated job instructions to a machine using JDF, and the machine can then send production information back to Avanti using JDF and/or the Job Messaging Format (JMF) in order to update job status, collect costs, and adjust inventory…all in real time.


Avanti Slingshot integrates with the industry’s leading workflow offerings, or directly with device controllers and software applications

When a job created in Avanti Slingshot is released to production, the JDF module will send as much information as the system receiving the job can understand.

Some of the leading brands that the JDF integration works with include:

  • Xerox FreeFlow™ Core
  • Ricoh TotalFlow™
  • HP SmartStream™
  • Kodak Prinergy™
  • Konica Minolta Printgroove™

Information exchanged between systems is dependent on the creator of the data but can include:

  • Job ticket numbers
  • Job descriptions
  • Size
  • Colors
  • Media information
  • Quantities
  • Content files

With Avanti Slingshot’s JDF Framework, new integrations are now able to be achieved within days, not months. And with lower integration costs, your ROI improves.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP

  • Supported bi-directional integration with the most current and previous version
  • The strongest breadth of integration available with a full interface between Avanti Slingshot Invoicing, Avanti Slingshot Payables, and the Dynamics GP A/R, A/P and GL modules
  • Avanti Slingshot Order Entry module reads each customer’s credit status, in real time, within Dynamics GP to determine if the order should be processed or put on hold
  • Allows a two-way transfer of customer information
  • Customer invoicing takes place in Avanti Slingshot. Once approved, information is then exported to Dynamics GP
  • A/P invoices are reconciled in Avanti Slingshot through a three-way matching process after which, when the payable has been approved, the information is exported to Dynamics GP.
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  • Includes a standard export routine allowing information from Avanti Slingshot to be transferred easily to QuickBooks
  • Customer invoicing takes place in Avanti Slingshot. Once approved, information is then exported to QuickBooks
  • A/P invoices are reconciled in Avanti Slingshot through a three-way matching process
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  • Includes a standard export routine allowing information from Avanti Slingshot to be transferred easily to your accounting system
  • All customer invoicing takes place in Avanti Slingshot. Once the invoice has been approved, basic information is exported to your accounting system.

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Using JDF integration, Avanti has enabled seamless integration between Avanti Slingshot and your Bindery equipment. Quick to setup and easy to use, it saves you money and time while reducing room for error.

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Direct Machine Interface

Manually collecting machine data takes time and results can be questionable due to human error. Avanti’s Direct Machine Interface (DMI) has the ability to simply capture the data automatically through a link to the machine’s controls.

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Avanti Slingshot’s award-winning Advanced JDF framework creates a seamless link between the MIS and the third-party pre-press. Information has the ability to flow both directions, relaying information such as job parameters and production data. Both quick to setup and easy to use, it has the ability to increase a company’s ROI through time and money saved.

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With Avanti Slingshot’s Shipping module, you are not only able to easily integrate with major shippers, but you are able to track shipments after simply transferring the shipping and billing information to them. Integrations include:

  • United States Postal Service
  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • Purolator

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Web to Print

The key to increased productivity is automation. Automation enables you to reduce turnaround time and room for errors. Avanti Slingshot minimizes Web-to-Print complications with a Third-Party Web-to-Print Integration (API). Avanti Slingshot becomes the hub of the wheel, collecting all order information no matter where or how that order is placed. Tight integration with several third-party solutions, enables automatic data transferal between Avanti Slingshot and your order entry system (i.e. Web-to-Print) through XML or JDF file formats. Re-keying information is no longer needed.

Improving turnaround time and the ability to eliminate errors are just some of the benefits of Avanti Slingshot’s API, some more significant features include:

  • Easy-to-use graphic user interface for field mapping of the information
  • Automatic sales order creation by the API, with information you define, into Avanti Slingshot’s production system
  • Ability to set up independent mappings and import orders from multiple sources/systems
  • Ability to map inventory items, products, kits and dynamic/custom items into sales orders
  • File transfer through your own secure FTP folders including digital assets
  • Based on your business rules, the new orders can be processed in a touchless workflow or queued for review
  • Ability to automatically schedule based on the promise date, production details and resource availability
  • Capability to send information back to the third-party system related to order/shipping status and tracking numbers

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