Update: Dscoop 2020 has been rescheduled to a later date, still to be determined.

Avanti is a Dscoop Edge partner, and visitors can learn about the real-time profitability calculations as well as other advantages of Avanti Slingshot at the Avanti booth #409, located in zone A at Dscoop Edge.

Matt Prusa, Channel Manager is a Keynote Speaker

For most PSPs, calculating the profit margin on each job they produce is standard business practice. However, seeing those calculations within minutes of the job being printed has been unheard of, until now. With Avanti Slingshot and the HP PrintOS Jobs API, PSPs will experience tight integration and real time, bidirectional job data flow between these systems –eliminating manual rekeying of data and insuring accuracy of the resulting calculations.

 Come see us at our Booth #409  as we highlight the upcoming integration with the PrintOS Print Beat Jobs API.The API provides a single interface for all PrintOS-connected devices within a PSP’s environment and is more accurate than the current JDF/JMF interface available. Using rich PrintOS Print Beat Jobs API data in Avanti Slingshot® Print MIS allows PSPs to calculate and compare actual costs versus estimates, showing the profit margin for each job. Avanti Slingshot® will capture current job time status (or historical print run) information, including substrates used, impressions printed, the number of print attempts, and overall job processing times. Avanti and HP have opened a Beta program for those customers interested in using the new integration.

Avanti has recently also been recognized for the following capabilities which you can learn more about at dscoop 2020:

Avanti Slingshot® Large Format RIP Integration via JDF

Now supporting the two most popular RIPs in the segment, all the benefits of Avanti Slingshot are now available to the profitable, fast-growing wide format printing market. Onyx and Caldera digital front ends now are fully integrated with the platform providing bidirectional flows of data.

Avanti Slingshot® Advanced Fulfillment Workflow Enhancement

The advanced fulfillment workflow also has gained more functionality: tracking expiration dates for inventory and purging outdated items, notification when stock drops below a pre-set threshold, tracking and fulfilling backorders, and

Avanti Slingshot® XML Loader Enhancement for Web to Print solutions

The integration enables automatic data transfer between the Web to Print system and Avanti Slingshot® through our XML Loader module, as well as the feedback of shipping details including status and tracking number to the W2P when the job is shipped through Avanti Slingshot® identifying pick charges on customer invoices.

Who is Avanti?

At Avanti, our goal is to help print and marketing service providers deliver more jobs, in less time, through automation. Avanti Slingshot is your print MIS platform, focused on your business needs, so that you can focus on your customers’ needs.

From order entry through to production and billing, Avanti Slingshot® enables our customers to work more efficiently, control their costs and move more jobs through their shop with ease. In addition to providing a powerful, integrated MIS platform, Avanti staff are experts in connecting best of breed software (i.e. mailing & postal automation, prepress, production automation software) to Avanti Slingshot®. This allows us to eliminate breakpoints in workflow, reduce costs and get your customers the information they want –when they want it –easily.

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