Avanti Slingshot Tech Tip: Estimating a job with no printing task in Avanti Slingshot

Avanti Tech Tip Job With No Printing Task


Avanti Tech Tip Job With No Printing TaskUsers may have jobs that does not require any printing, however they require other task such as prepress, binding or even outsourced tasks. A popular question always comes up on how this can be done in the system, so here is your answer!

Step 1: Create a work template using the assembly section.

Note: Work Type can be set to Generic Work Type or a type that is created.AS Techtip image 1

Step 2: Add all necessary tasks for a non-printing job and save the template

Note: Tasks can be added or deleted at the Estimating level under the sections tab.

AS Techtip image 2

Step 3: Bring template into estimate as a line item

Note: This template can also be brought into the estimate as a section line, please see Step 3 (Option 2).

AS Techtip image 3

Step 3 (Option 2): Bring template into an estimate as a section item. Click on the add template button.

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