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Efficiency / Automation

Organize your jobs | Maximize equipment use | Plan your production workflow in advance

The key to increased productivity is efficiency and automation. Anytime that data, previously entered, can be passed seamlessly and automatically between departments, equipment, and applications, you reduce turnaround time. You reduce the chance for transcription errors. And you increase profitability and customer satisfaction.

And while many print shops have implemented best-in-class applications to help automate various systems and/or departments, the end result often leads to breakpoints in the workflow. A breakpoint in the workflow is where data has been entered in one system and has to be re-entered into another system, resulting in duplicate data entry and the potential for costly errors. We call this “Islands of Automation” throughout the print shop.

Avanti Slingshot connects these Islands of Automation, enabling you to deliver more jobs, in less time, with the confidence in knowing that every aspect of your shop is integrated into one powerful Print MIS platform. We have developed a close relationship with all of the industry’s “best in class” equipment manufacturers, pre-press, workflow, production planning and Web-to-Print software vendors. In fact, Avanti was one of the first companies to provide complete, JDF-certified integrated software. This means all the software and equipment in your shop can speak the same language. Today, we are the only JDF-certified, cloud-based Print MIS in the market.

From order entry through to invoicing, Avanti Slingshot’s Efficiency and Automation modules enable you to organize your jobs, maximize equipment use, and plan your production workflow in advance. All the while eliminating the need to re-enter information. Leaving you with increased profitability and customer satisfaction.


Years ago we recognized the need for a cloud-based, Print MIS solution. A solution that frees you and your staff from the confines of your desk and provides you the flexibility of anytime, anywhere access into your organization. A solution that incorporates business intelligence, production planning, fulfillment, shipping, and billing into one easy-to-use, modular and scalable system. A solution that offers updates automatically, even while you sleep.

Avanti Slingshot is designed with flexibility and scalability in mind. We can completely streamline the information that flows through your print shop, regardless of the type of presses, prepress software or finishing activities you offer as value-added services.

One of the reasons that Avanti Slingshot was built from the ground up is so that it can streamline the way you do business, whether you provide Marketing Services, Commercial, Large or Grand Format, Print and Mail or In-Plant solutions.

Selection of the proper Management Information System (MIS) represents a LOT of change. In fact, implementing a Print MIS is not really a software project, it is a change management project, designed to increase efficiency in every department, improve the customer experience, and save you money. It is one of the most important business decisions you can make.

Where other print MIS solutions force you to conform to the software, Avanti offers the flexibility to adjust based on your unique business requirements and growth plans. As a result, Avanti is solidly positioned to meet all your needs, both present and future. It is this attention to detail that has earned Avanti a reputation in the industry of being able to continually exceed customer expectations. Because we have the ability, agility, and commitment to listen and translate your requirements into a solution that meets your needs in both a timely and cost-effective manner.

Avanti Slingshot wizards help fine-tune your workflow solution and give you the flexibility to streamline efforts, as well as allow for new equipment and processes to be easily added in the future. Flexibility is the key word in allowing you to model everything, from the most complex bindery tasks and large format printing, to simple price lists. We even build the system using your data, so that when we leave you have a functioning system, and a team that not only completely understands Avanti Slingshot, but also knows how to get the most out of its functionality.


Take control of your company’s profitability by knowing your costs for each job – down to the penny – for winning results.

The days of “ten jobs in the next ten days” has been replaced with “ten jobs making their way through the shop in the next hour”. And the gap between those who are succeeding and those who are struggling is widening. Key differences between the two groups is that “the winners” have an intimate understanding of their costs, know where they are taking their business, and have a passion for constantly improving.

Controlling your costs means streamlining your workflow and ensuring you have the tools to keep on top of your entire operation, from job tracking and reporting to being in front of any issues and opportunities. This allows you to spend less time fighting fires and chasing down answers, and more time providing great service to your customers.

At Avanti, we understand that increasing your top line, managing your bottom line and streamlining your operations are critical to delivering the great service and value that your customers demand.

It is critical that all shop floor staff have the most current, accurate information about the job and an easy way to communicate what actually happens on the job, as it makes its way through the shop. Real-time shop floor updates ensure everyone has access to the most up-to-date job status, allowing your CSRs to keep your customers informed and satisfied.

Comprehensive and customizable dashboards and reports provide an intimate understanding of your costs. Tracking labor, materials, productivity, equipment utilization, spoils, and production rates will allow you to monitor employee productivity, reduce waste, and increase profits. Accurate costing will roll up into key metrics such as profitability at the customer, sales rep and product line level.


Better decision making. Better customer service. Better sales and marketing effectiveness. Better profitability.

An increasing number of competitors are contending for your client base. The key to becoming more customer-centric and maintaining customer loyalty is information! Information that you have access to when, and where, you need it; whether it’s “right now” or in the middle of the night. Information that is up-to-the-minute accurate. Information that contains the key customer and job facts critical to the profitability of your business.

Avanti Slingshot offers instant, real-time access to current contact information, estimates and quotes, job information, historical and current invoices, customer sales, and profit history. But having access to the information is only half the equation. How would you like that information reported? How can you effectively manage that information as it comes from multiple plants or even companies, in multiple locations and time zones? How can you ensure that the reports contain information relevant to the various departments within your organization?

At Avanti, we know that you make better decisions with “Information at your fingertips”, which is one of the many reasons we developed Avanti Slingshot from the ground up. Recognized as one of the most open platforms in the industry, award-winning Avanti Slingshot is our most robust Print MIS platform, and the ONLY JDF-certified, cloud-based solution in the market today.

Comprehensive and customizable dashboards and reports provide you with an intimate understanding of the information needed to make the business decisions you face on a daily basis. With an open database and all the data definition tables needed to create your own reports, you are able to design ad-hoc custom reports, export data to other systems, and have visibility to the information specific to your needs for business profitability.

Anytime, anywhere access to the system from any device, be it your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile, ensures a one-stop source for information on all current and historical jobs, with visibility to real-time information on job cost/tracking, job profitability, invoicing, scheduling, shipping and change order information.

And with real-time visibility to business-critical information, you have a detailed overview of all aspects of your business at your fingertips. Information that provides insight into your business’ historical data, as well as visibility into all the work that your shop will be taking on in the short term, to help you plan more effectively.

Your Sales and CSR teams can answer customer requests instantly. Your production team can better manage the distribution and control of finished goods… goods your plant produces, goods you purchase from a supplier, and goods already owned by your customer. Marketing can identify your most (and least) profitable customers for targeted marketing campaigns, as well as manage and track your lead generation efforts. And you can manage your business better, with improved productivity, reduced costs, increased revenue and higher customer satisfaction.


How can you satisfy today’s customer demands?
How can you turn quotes around quicker?
How do you manage the increase in the number of short-run digital jobs making their way through the shop?
How do you keep your customers satisfied?

Regardless of the industry, the problems, headaches, and challenges that all business people face every day are no different. You are looking for new customers. You want to best serve your existing customers. And you want to grow your business.

Every customer interaction is an opportunity to grow your business. Even when it’s a complaint. Tracking each interaction keeps your finger on the pulse of each account, and gives insight into all aspects of your relationship. That insight provides you with the knowledge required to grow, foster, and improve the relationship you and your staff have with your customers.

The key to becoming more customer-centric and maintaining customer loyalty is information. Gaining insight into what your customers are seeking will allow you to react quickly to customer requests and anticipate future needs and maintaining customer loyalty is information! Gaining insight into what your customers are seeking will allow you to react quickly to customer requests and anticipate future needs.

It is critical to have the most current, accurate information about the job, and an easy way to communicate what actually happens on the job, both internally as well as externally to your customers, as it makes its way through the shop. Because real-time updates ensure everyone has access to the most up-to-date job status, allowing your CSRs to keep your customers informed. An informed customer is, after all, a happy customer.

Since 1984, Avanti has developed innovative, award-winning Print MIS solutions that help print and communication organizations automate all facets of their business and cultivate a more meaningful relationship with their customer. Avanti Slingshot was built from the ground up and delivers on the promise of Customer Relationship Management. Namely, a single consistent real-time view of everything to do with your customer, accessible by everyone. By bringing a customer-centric view to the job-centric production system, your organization is empowered to manage and communicate critical sales, marketing, and customer information essential for continued success and future growth.

Because a full, consistent view of your customers gives you the opportunity to continually build and strengthen the relationship. And whether you are in the office or working remotely. Whether you are accessing information from your mobile, your computer, or your tablet. With real-time access to an up-to-date view of all customer, prospect and suspect information, your Sales and CSR teams can answer customer requests instantly, freeing up valuable time and resources. Your customer’s needs are rapidly met. And customer relationships thrive.


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