Integration of Avanti Slingshot Print MIS with Avalara AvaTax

Take the complexity out of calculating sales and use taxes, eliminate errors, and make filing returns easy

Staying on top of compliance rules for sales and use tax is complicated and time consuming. Integrating Avalara AvaTax into your Avanti Slingshot Print MIS system takes the stress out of the process. Now you can calculate sales and use taxes for estimates, orders and invoices in real time and across multiple jurisdictions, quickly and accurately.

Direct Benefits for Your Print Shop

An integrated web-to-print and Print MIS system means you’ll reduce duplication, increase efficiency, and drive down costs

Easy and seamless integration

  • Easily establish a direct link between Slingshot and AvaTax via a pre-built connection
  • Reduce need for IT departments

Calculations in real time and mapped to exact locations

  • Sales and use tax are calculated in real time for estimates, orders, and invoices
  • Customers can see taxes owed in their shopping carts when shopping online
  • Rates are mapped to exact locations if you deal in multiple jurisdictions
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Automation saves time and reduces errors

  • Eliminate math errors from manual processes
  • Automate calculations across your entire business system
  • Save time by reducing manual processes
  • Do away with need to maintain or use tax tables
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Quick and easy access to information

  • Enjoy 24/7 access to transaction history
  • Share information and data with all relevant staff
  • Quickly export your transaction data
  • Easily prepare returns each filing period
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Immediate updates ensure you stay current

  • Saas updates take effect immediately
  • Update rates, compliance rules or geographic boundaries automatically at regular intervals
  • Easily add rates for new jurisdictions as your company grows

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