Avanti Slingshot® Print MIS Integration with BCC Software Mail Manager Full Service™

The Industry’s First End-to-End Automated All-in-One Direct Mail Management Solution.

Until now, mail jobs would be passed between departments and systems several times before the customer could receive an estimate. The two-way integration of Avantil Slingshot® Print MIS and BCC Software Mail Manager Full Service™ delivers seamless communication of the mailing and production requirements for a job.

Direct Benefits for Your Print Shop

With a fully automated direct mail workflow you’ll improve job setup speeds, job estimating and sales order accuracy while reducing labour costs and errors.

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Job Cost Accuracy

  • Eliminate the risk of calculating postage costs from erroneous specifications when the mailing list is processed
  • Generate accurate drop and postage information based on business requirements that impact mail sorting rules.
  • Create and work from a single point of data entry
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Job Visibility

  • Centrally locate critical mail job information into a work/sales order for quick access
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Job Cost & Count Automation

  • Final piece counts and postage costs for the sales order are updated and any subsequent updates or changes are automatically populated into the postage task enabling seamless reconciliation.
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Operational Improvements

  • Faster job set-up
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Error reduction
  • Increased job profitability
  • Serve clients faster and achieve higher satisfaction levels

Avanti Slingshot® and BCC Software Mail Manager Full Service™ Workflow:

Award-Winning Partnership

At PRINT 18 Avanti was presented with the Vanguard Collaboration Award for the integration of Avanti Slingshot® with BCC Software Mail Manager Full Service™. This prestigious award recognizes the industry game-changers in one of three categories: Breakthrough, Pioneer or Collaboration. Avanti was one of only two companies to gain recognition as a Collaboration Award recipient. A total of nine Vanguard awards were conferred across all categories.

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