Avanti Slingshot® Print MIS Integration with XMPie StoreFlow

Order Entry, Inventory, and Shipping Automation for Your XMPie Run Web-to-Print Business

Manually rekeying orders, monitoring inventory levels and updating shipping information on a web-to-print storefront can be complicated and time-consuming. The integration of your XMPie StoreFlow web-to-print software with Avanti’s Slingshot® Print MIS solves these challenges with brilliant workflow automation.

Direct Benefits for Your Print Shop

With a seamless web-to-print storefront workflow you’ll increase service levels, drive down costs, improve response times and optimize sales.

Order entry icon - Print MIS Software

Automated Order Entry

  • Storefront orders go directly into Avanti Slingshot® where jobs can be automated through to production – no more rekeying of data!
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Automated, Real-Time Product Inventory Status

  • Inventory status in the storefront is updated automatically
  • Easily monitor the number of products in and out of stock and in demand in real-time
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Integrated Shipping Capabilities

  • Storefront automatically updated with real-time shipping details
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Operational Improvements

  • Cut down on losses due to errors and reporting delays
  • Improve cost-efficiency by automating complicated, manual, time-consuming tasks

Sales Optimization

  • Optimize storefronts for your clients to drive higher sales with better access to information about which print products are in the most demand and which combinations are ordered
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Improved Service Levels

  • Stay ahead of the demand curve
  • Respond quickly to any changes
  • Keep the right number of products on hand

Watch the Avanti + XMPie Integration Video

Avanti Slingshot® and XMPie Workflow:

Red Hot Technology

Award-Winning Partnership:

This integration received a “Red Hot Technologies” award at Print 18 as a “game changer” for collaboration in the print industry. This integration is a first in the North American Market and is possible because both XMPie and Avanti software are built with an open modular software strategy for easy 3rd party integration.  By working together XMPie and Avanti are helping print providers improve their workflow so that they can focus on higher-value tasks.

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