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Dave, Real Green Systems says:

“The table talk is invaluable between fellow customers.”

Myron, HOT Graphics says:

“Great networking! Everyone is happy to share. I have picked up little tidbits from just about everyone. I am going back and doing some training and solidifying our procedures. The one-on-one time in the ‘ask the experts’ room is invaluable.”

Walter, CJ Graphics says:

“In regards to the User Conference setup, this is not your run-of-the-mill conference. Every session is a teaching session. I have been using Avanti for 15+ years and I learned a tremendous amount over the last 4 days.”

Jane Francis, Reprodux says:

I thought I knew pretty much all there is to know about Activity File Maintenance, but I was wrong! Love learning new tips, tricks etc.

Scott, Taylor Printing Group says:

Attending the Avanti User Conference has helped my company tremendously. Between meeting all the other users, the educational sessions and round table discussions, the information flowed freely and continued even after the Conference. Combined with having access to Avanti experts in one place to answer questions, I consider the conference a “must attend” event.

Chuck says:

I always have pages of take-home notes from the round table discussions with fellow users who are always willing to share their experiences with others.

Brian says:

Year after year the print industry continues to change, and what the Avanti User Conference provides, is not only a blueprint on how to best use Avanti to serve your customers, but also a blueprint for continued success in the print industry!  The ability to interact directly with Avanti staff, discuss with other users the ins and outs of both system functionality and better business practices, and the Keynote speakers all wrapped into one conference cannot be passed up.

Chris says:

After debating about going to the User Group Conference last year, I am glad that I went. I gained so much more knowledge and since then, I have implemented many things into our Live System that has improved efficiencies, communication and accuracy.

Karen says:

I have found the Users Group Conference to be an invaluable experience and I would highly recommend it to any level of Avanti user. I have been attending since I was first introduced to the system and it is a conference I look forward to every year. I always return to the office with different ideas or methods to implement in the system, and some of them have been significant time savers. The system is so robust there is always more to learn and where can you find a better resource than other users and Avanti staff? Also business changes and the way the system is utilized has to adapt, this is the best place to work through those processes. Have you ever said, “how do I do that”, or “I wonder if the system can do this”? This is your avenue to get those questions and many more answered.

The sessions provide a good variety with panel discussions, roundtables, tips and tricks, system information, keynote speakers, etc. The networking with Avanti staff and other users is always a highlight of the conference and the evening events are always entertaining. There is so much knowledge and expertise shared at the conference as well as throughout the year from the relationships developed as questions arise both Avanti and industry related.