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postsimage_askavantiIf you were at GRAPH EXPO Monday, October 26th, chances are you saw someone wearing a black #AskAvanti shirt or button. We were happy to announce the official launch of #AskAvanti, a social media initiative created by the Avanti team in order to encourage the sharing of ideas within the print industry and all related fields.

Since answers are what we do, we thought what better way to begin than answering questions. Here are the answers to a few questions you may have about #AskAvanti:

What is #AskAvanti?

Before we delve into what exactly #AskAvanti is, let’s first look at what a social media initiative is and why we feel it’s important to have one for the print community.

We can all agree that social media is a powerful tool for community building and education. Hence comes the ‘social’ in social media. A social media initiative is the aligning of social media with a particular vision or goal. Using it to serve a particular purpose. What is the purpose of #AskAvanti? We want to provide a united space where people can ask, educate, and collaborate on the best practices for success in the print industry.

Our goal is to find answers to the industry’s biggest questions and answer them. But that’s just part of the initiative. We want to take topical information and tough questions about the industry, delve deeper into them and give participants a more well-rounded understanding of that information.

This is exactly why we started the #AskAvanti ebook series. We hope to create solutions to common business challenges, to identify internal processes that are keeping printers from reaching their financial goals, and help them recognize broader business opportunities (you can download the first copy here).

How can you get more involved in the #AskAvanti initiative?

After over 30 years in the print industry, we have built a community of well over 500 customers. Imagine the knowledge that can be gained from such a force? Imagine 500 plus businesses sharing their secrets to personal business growth. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why we felt the need to expand the initiative even further out into the print community, past our own customer base.

Why get more involved? The more you get involved the more you will benefit from the system. Think about it, hundreds of print shops helping each other stay successful. A better question yet would be how can you not get involved?

So here’s what you do: share your information. Do you have a new infographic that can benefit the industry? Share it and hashtag #AskAvanti. Do you have a question that you want answers to? Share it and hashtag #AskAvanti!

Where should you send industry questions or suggestions of topics you would like to see addressed?

There are several ways to get your topics and questions out into the #AskAvanti stream. You can visit or email with your suggestions and questions. You can tweet using the #AskAvanti hashtag, join our community on LinkedIn or post to our Facebook page. Whatever platform you prefer, we’ll do our best to provide the answers across all channels.

We hope you will join us in developing the initiative. The content will be driven by the questions. So don’t be shy. We want everyone to share their experiences, insights, and studies with the print community. We want you to #AskAvanti!!

Watch the press conference, live from the Printerverse at Graph Expo 16.

Read the press release 


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